Young and Crafty Sisters: Halloween Direction Post {Tutorial}

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Direction Post {Tutorial}

DIY Halloween Direction Post

This has probably been one of my favorite Halloween crafts that I’ve ever made! It was actually really easy to make and you don’t even need a Cricut or Silhouette to do the words. I’ve got a great tip that I’ve recently learned!

4x4 Wood
1x4 Wood
2x4 Wood
Spider webs (optional)
Crows (optional)

Let’s get started!


Cut your 4x4 to the height that you wanted. I didn’t measure, I just looked at it and decided I wanted a little taller than me. So it’s probably about 6’0. Paint it black. I propped mine up between 2x4’s so that I could easily paint two sides at once.


Grab your 2x4’s and butt them against each edge of the 4x4. I didn’t even cut them the same length. I just found some scraps and used those. Paint them black as well.


Cut your 1x4’s to the length you want. Then mark in the middle so that you can make the arrow.


Use your middle mark and cut 45 degree angles. I used my miter saw but you could definitely use a miter box.


Paint them all black.


Next, print out the words you want to use on your arrows in any font you want. Now take a ball point pen and trace over the letters. Make sure to press kind of hard. I learned this technique HERE.


You should be able to see the outline of where you have traced.


Take a small paint brush and paint them. The pen mark kind of acts as a trench so that paint doesn’t seep out. Trust me, I am NOT a good painter unless it’s abstract! If I can do this, YOU can do this.


Now take some sandpaper and make them look old and weathered. Make sure to lightly sand over the words too.


Make sure to sand your post and the base.


I used a nail gun to nail my arrows on to the 4x4. You could use screws or a hammer and nail. I alternated the direction of the arrows. I then hot glued a few crows onto the sign and covered it with spider webs.


I absolutely love it! It will be sitting on my front porch to scare all the kids when they come trick or treating :)


The Witch Way arrow just cracks me up. It doesn’t take much people, it doesn’t take much.


And here’s the other side. The crows are just the perfect touch of spookiness.


Such a fun and easy Halloween decoration!