Young and Crafty Sisters: How to Make Wooden Mirrors

Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to Make Wooden Mirrors

DIY Wooden Mirrors

Instead of doing clothes for refashion week, I decided to use wood and refashion it into decorative mirrors. I had some MDF leftover from another project and I picked up the mirrors from the dollar store. They are technically candle holder plates. So the total cost of this project was $3.

These are actually really easy to make. All you need is a jigsaw and some wood.


I used MDF because it’s super light weight. Grab a 5 gallon bucket and trace three circles.


I then got a top off of some ant spray and used that to make my designs. I totally did not measure. (Are you surprised?) Just trace half of the lid all the around.


For the pointed one, just trace the opposite way all the way around.


I then used a quart of paint to draw a circle in the middle for where the mirror would go. Just drill a hole in the center so that you can start cutting with your jigsaw.


Cut them all out and then sand the edges.


Paint them your desired color. I chose white.


I then sanded all of the edges.


I used a small paintbrush and stain to age the edges. Just brush on and then wipe off.


Grab some dollar store candle plates.


Hot glue them over the hole on the back. I used a fancy hanging system too. I grabbed some wire and hot glued it in place. Just to make sure it was secure, I added duct tape.

Now hang them up and enjoy!

Wooden Mirrors



I will be honest with you, this isn’t the most favorite thing I’ve every made. They are just O.K. (Check out the entry redo HERE)