Young and Crafty Sisters: Girls Pinterest Party

Monday, October 22, 2012

Girls Pinterest Party

A few weekends ago I was invited to go to a Pinterest party. You are supposed to find something off of Pinterest that you want to make and then bring everything you need to make it. It’s basically a craft night. It was so much fun to get together and share our creativeness!

Sadly, I did not get any action shots of the crafting. However, I did get everyone’s creations. Here are a few shots:


Beth made these super cute “BOO” letters.


Here are more cute “BOO” letter by Shawna. She hosted our party and hot glued her letters to the top of her door. Great idea since hot glue is easy to peel right off!


made this gorgeous wreath. I love deco mesh wreaths. There are so many possibilities!


Rachal made this monogramed pumpkin. The shabby chic turquoise is perfect!


And then there’s my pumpkin topiary. It’s the most obnoxiously cute pumpkin topiary there is. I had no place in mind of where I would put this thing as I was making it. It was a total of $3. All of the pumpkins came from the Dollar Tree.


It now sits in my guest bathroom for all the world to see. Or at least anyone that comes over.

Have you been to a craft night lately?