Young and Crafty Sisters: Craft Party

Friday, December 14, 2012

Craft Party


I hosted a Pinterest/Craft party at my house. It was a blast! There were about 12 women here making fun Christmas crafts or crafting something fun.


Craft Party1

It was a crafting madhouse!!

Craft Party 2


From left to right: Dana made a super cute burlap monogramed initial. Brittany made a few bracelets that I would totally wear! Tara made a cool piece of art with her name.


Craft Party 3


From left to right: Lacey (who has a blog called Like Playing House) embroidered a cute pouch with the Sagittarius sign. Holly, who is the cutest pregnant woman every, made some coasters. And Amber made a really cool piece of art for her brother. She took a part an old baseball of his to make a cross and then put an inspirational Bible verse underneath.


Crafty Party 3


From left to right: Rachal made the cutest wreath! Brenda made Alabama wind chimes, such a fun idea. Beth made a wedding photo album for a gift and a yard stake with the initial of her last name. And Chelsea made a fun colored wreath.


I can’t show you what I made because it’s a gift for my mom and she reads my blog :)


We all had a blast creating together! I love these crafty parties and I’m sure I will have more.


Have you ever been to or hosted a Pinterest/Craft party?