Young and Crafty Sisters: 04/05/12

Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to Remove Spray Paint From a Mirror

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So I got this GIANT mirror at a garage sale for $15. Such a steal! A mirror this size is probably $100 or more.

It all started off great. I taped it off and used Kroger bags to cover up the mirror. 

But then I ran out of spray paint, left the mirror outside and some of the tape came up. I decided, in all my laziness, to haphazardly stick the tape back on and worry about any paint on the mirror later.

Not my brightest moment.

It’s ridiculous that I was to lazy to re-tape. I just get so antsy to finish up a project!

So, at first I tried scrubbing really hard with plain old Windex. Nothing happened

Next I tried Goo Gone. That stuff works on everything. Almost everything. Not mirrors with spray paint.

Then I enlisted Google’s help. Someone suggested fingernail polish remover.

I was skeptical to say the least. But I figured it was worth a shot. Who KNEW!? This stuff works magic!


Check it out… clean as a whistle.

So just in case you “accidently” spray paint a mirror, now you know how to fix it!


P.S. I’ll unveil the full mirror reveal later!