Young and Crafty Sisters: 04/08/12

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mirror Redo


I snagged this mirror at a garage sale for $15. I wasn’t even going to stop but it was screaming my name! This beauty has been sitting in my garage for about 10 months or so. Only because I couldn’t decide where I wanted to hang it!


So I taped her off with some Kroger bags and painters tap. Gave her about 15 coats of spray paint. Ok, really only about 4 but it seemed like more.

Let’s play a game. See how many different projects you can spot that I’ve posted about.


And now she has a new home above the mantel. I was ready for something different! It’s been almost THREE years since it’s got an overhaul. That’s practically unheard of in blog land.

Check out those fridge frames in the kitchen and some wall art.


Oh look… what do we have here? Only the most popular post here on Y&C. The easiest pallet art ever.


More wall art in the kitchen! An oldie but a goodie :)


No projects here, just a beautiful mirror. It makes the room feel bigger AND brings more light in.


The detail is just gorgeous.



I’m loving the new look!

Thanks for dropping by :)