Young and Crafty Sisters: 07/28/12

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lake Ouachita Vacation



Well I’m back from our week long vacation at Lake Ouachita in Arkansas. This is seriously one of the most beautiful and clean lakes I’ve ever seen. It’s got a few “mountains” surrounding it. It’s always sad coming back for two reasons: 1. Summer is almost over and 2. School is starting soon.


If you follow me on Instagram (@hannahyoungancrafty) or on Twitter then you’ve seen some of these pictures. I did try to throw in some new ones to!


photo (7) 


Top left is me skiing. Middle left if my cute nephew, Caeden, with his crazy lake hair! Bottom left is Wyatt slalom skiing. Top right, me on the lake. Bottom right is Wyatt, my FIL and my nephew tubing.


photo (5)


I spent a lot of time lounging in the hammock. I so want one for my house!




My sweet nephew Reilyr. (Pronounced Rye-ler)


photo (2)


Caeden practicing crossing his eyes. He makes the most hilarious faces!


photo (4)


Me and my handsome man :)


photo (1)


One night on the lake a storm was rolling in. Kind of scary looking!!





photo (3)


Wyatt getting some air on the wakeboard.


photo (6)


My brother in law attempting a flip or something!




From left to right, my BIL, FIL and Wyatt all skiing together.




We played putt putt at Pirates Cove. This is Caedens pirate, “Argghh” face!





Wyatt and Caeden got shackled while playing putt putt!


We had a blast! It’s always great to be back home but I’m so not ready for the week to start.


Have you been on vacation this year? Where did you go?