Young and Crafty Sisters: 3 Tips to Renovate Your Kitchen without Splurging Too Much

Monday, January 14, 2013

3 Tips to Renovate Your Kitchen without Splurging Too Much

3 Tips to Renovate Your Kitchen without Splurging Too Much

Name that one room in your home which you would love to be in no matter what time of the day or night it is. Well, for most people the obvious choice would be the kitchen owing to the fact that food constitutes not only the necessary aspect of our being but also the tasty and delicious aspects of it. This is why it has been seen that people tend to remodel and revamp their kitchen more than any other room in the home.

Let’s face it. These are financially testing times and splurging on remodeling in kitchen isn’t feasible no matter how much you dear for it. This is why here are 3 simple tips for remodeling your kitchen without needing to drill a hole through your pocket:

1.      Color Your Kitchen

Want to change the look and feel about your kitchen without needing to shell out the big bucks for the same? Well, a paint job on the kitchen walls is the perfect calling for you wherein you get to retouch the most important room of your household with newer hues.

Don’t forget to use latex semi-gloss paints for your kitchen’s coloring purposes. This way you will ensure that it is easy to wipe off any grime and dirty that tends to accumulate in your kitchen from all the cooking sessions. Also choose a light color for your kitchen which will make it look brighter than usual.

2.      Get Rid Of The Mess

It has been seen that most people who think that they have a dirty or ageing kitchen and thus are in a dire need of remodeling are actually suffering from a situation where the kitchen’s various utensils and other instruments are lying around in the kitchen in an untidy and messy manner. This must be the first thing that you take care of when you are planning to remodel your kitchen. The best part about this mess cleaning up procedure is the fact that it is completely free of cost.

In case you want to take up this procedure up by a notch you can always get hold of some extra storage space in your kitchen. This will allow you to stack up the utensils and other instruments of the kitchen and avoid having them littered around. Remember to buy a mix of racks and shelves along with cupboards for an efficient distribution.

3.      Get Better Lighting For Your Kitchen

By striking the right balance between then natural lights in your kitchen and the artificial ones will ensure that you have an amazing lighting setup for your kitchen. Use the halogen and incandescent bulbs for the kitchen’s lighting that are not only durable and have efficient energy consumption rates but are also well known for not being overtly costly.

These 3 tips when well executed and in a complimentary manner to each other can give your kitchen a whole new look without you needing to invest more than what you had planned for. Research thoroughly. If you come across terms that you are unable to understand, then you can click on glossary to know the meanings.

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