Young and Crafty Sisters: Are your Facebook fans getting your status updates??

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Are your Facebook fans getting your status updates??

As if Facebook isn’t rich enough already, they now want people that have pages to pay to promote their posts. Well I’m just to cheap to do that! Here is how to let your readers know how to fix this problem.

Do you follow me on Facebook? If you do, you probably aren’t getting my updates. Only about 20% of you are receiving my status updates. 
Here is what you need to do. Go to my Facebook page HERE and then hover over the Liked button. Make sure that “Get Notifications” is checked and that “Show in News Feed” is checked.

This will ensure that you get all of my updates! Facebook is a great way to interact and I like to respond to comments. If you aren’t following me on Facebook already, go like my page! Facebook is also a great way to be updated when I have a new post here on Young and Crafty.

There are other ways to follow Young and Crafty. I have Twitter, where you will get all of my Instagram picture updates (follow hannahyoungancrafty). You can also follow my RSS feed HERE. If you are still doing Google Friend connect, I’ve still got that up in the right hand side bar as well as a a follow by email option. The last way it to follow my “Made by Me” board on Pinterest, where I post everything I make.

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