Young and Crafty Sisters: Beadboard Guest Bathroom Renovation

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beadboard Guest Bathroom Renovation

Beadboard Bathroom renovation

I stupidly ambitiously chose to renovate this bathroom the week before I was hosting Christmas. I do not advise doing such a thing. Your husband probably won’t appreciate being roped in to helping either. But seeing as how he loves you, he will help anyway.  Unfortunately there are no windows near this bathroom so the pictures are not the best.

This was a project that I couldn’t have done on my own. I would have inevitably wasted way more beadboard by making hasty and incorrect cuts since I have the patience of a four year old. Wyatt did all of that hard work and is the reason why we now have beadboard in our bathroom.


The plan was to give the walls a fresh coat of paint, add beadboard, replace the light fixture, and replace the medicine cabinet. You might remember the yellow striped shower curtain that I made HERE.

The walls got a fresh coat of Valspar primer+paint in one in the shade of Gravity. I chose a grey that was as far away from the blues as possible. However, I’ve asked several people what color the walls are and they all say light blue. So not what I was going for! In all of the pictures they look grey and I think with the grey shower curtain they look slightly more grey.


On one wall, the beadboard didn’t line up perfectly. That’s ok, that’s what trim is for!


I was sort of, kind of freaking out at this point. Wyatt kept asking me how we were going to make all of these gaps look good. I didn’t have an answer except that I was hoping caulk would fix it.

Thank goodness I was right. I affectionately refer to caulk as a DIYers band-aid. It fixes your boo-boos. It’s like magic. Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about caulk.


The new mirror make the counter seem so much larger. The light fixture makes the bathroom look more expensive. In my opinion anyway :)


There is a weird spot to the right of the light switch where there is about a one inch space. We didn’t put any trim there. We cherish our fingers to much.




And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the cost breakdown.

$60 – Light fixture (Lowe’s)
$35 – Paint (Valspar Gravity, Lowe’s)
$40 – Beadboard (Home Depot)
$16 – Trim (Lowe’s)
$33 – Mirror (Ross)
$15 – Shower Curtain (Marshall’s)
$16 – Rug (Marshall’s)

Grand Total = $215

I don’t think that’s to awfully bad! I’m also trying to sell the old medicine cabinet and mirror on Craigslist to get a little money back.

Now, here’s what still needs to be done.

I love how the whole thing turned out. It’s amazing how much a beadboard wall treatment can change the whole look of a room.

Have you used beadboard??