Young and Crafty Sisters: Heart Garland {Tutorial}

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Heart Garland {Tutorial}

Heart Garland Tutorial

I must really be feeling the love this Valentine’s Day because I’ve never crafted so much for this holiday! I made the 2x4 “Love” blocks you see up there and the front door wreath. Who knows what other pink and red crafts I may crank out before the day of love!

This project took me less than 20 minutes. Maybe even less than 10 but I wasn’t timing myself. You do need a sewing machine. Here’s what you will need:


Felt in whatever colors you want and a heart shape. You will also need your sewing machine to sew the hearts. Oh, and of course scissors!


I only used 2 pieces of felt and got approximately 20-25 hearts. I doubled up the felt so that I cut through both pieces at once.


Start running your hearts through the sewing machine. You will want to leave a small gap in between each heart. Have your hearts ready because this goes super fast!


And seriously you are done!



Wow that mirror looks dirty! I blame it on the light. Yup, it’s most definitely the light ;)

Have you been making anything for V-day?