Young and Crafty Sisters: How to make a Valentine's Day scrap fabric heart wreath

Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to make a Valentine's Day scrap fabric heart wreath

Scrap Fabric Heart Wreath

I wanted a simple heart shaped wreath to hang on my front door for for Valentine’s Day. This turned out exactly how I expected and is easy to make. If you happen to have a lot of extra scrap fabric in red’s and pink’s, this is a great way to use them!

Here is what you will need:


Supply List:
Plumbing insulation
Wire hanger
Red and pink fabric
Hot glue gun
Duck tape (not pictured)

Plumbing insulation is super cheap. I got this tube for less than $1.50 from Lowes.

Let’s get started!


Undo your wire hanger.


Shape your wire hanger into a heart.


Start feeding your plumbing insulation around your wire hanger. You may have to straighten out parts of the hanger to make it go all the way around.


Snip both ends at an angle that will fit together.


Add some hot glue to glue the center of the heart together.


Wa-la! You have a heart wreath. Now you can continue to shape and bend it until you have the heart shape that you want.


I added some duct tape where the insulation joined. The hot glue was holding but I just wanted to make sure it didn’t pop apart.


Now cut about one million strips of fabric. These do not have to be precise or even. Mine were about 1” thick.


Start tying your strips around your wreath form. I did a simple double knot. At this point you may want to put on a good movie or TV show. This part takes a while!


I randomly tied the fabric around.


I would tie all of one color and then go on to the next. I tried not to place the same color next to each other. Keep going until you can’t see anymore black.


To hang the wreath up I cut a strip of maroon fabric and tied it in a knot. I then took a long strip of light pink fabric and tied a floppy bow around where the knot was in the maroon fabric. I made sure to leave the edges rough to go along with the strips tied around the wreath.




Heart Wreath

And there you have your heart wreath! Simple, cheap, and makes a great big impact on your front door.