Young and Crafty Sisters: My Brother and the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Brother and the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike


Ok guys, so I normally don’t post things about money but this is for my brother, Wesley. He is a pretty awesome guy and wants to do a 6 month hike on the Appalachian Trail. Crazy, I know! The only thing is that it costs money to do such a thing. I am begging you to read his story below and donate. The amount need not be big. If everyone donated just $1 we could all but pay for his trip! Of course, when he returns I will snag plenty of the pictures he takes along the way to share. I can’t imagine the beauty he will see.


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That’s Wesley, my younger brother.



That’s my handsome brother and beautiful sister.


Here is what my brother has to say:

“What is an Appalachian Trail, or AT, thru-hike, you might ask? A thru hike is when someone hikes the entirety of the trail starting from Springer Mountain in Georgia, all the way to Mount Katahdin in Maine. Although, I will be a South Bounder, which hikers call SOBO's, going from North to South. This hike will span most of the east coast, well over 2,100 miles, and will take about 6 months.

You might also find yourself wondering, "Who would want to spend 6 months hiking through the woods?" To answer that, we will have to travel back to 2009. I first heard about this trail in 2009 shortly after I moved to College Station, Texas. Ever since I heard of the trail, I've been very excited about camping and hiking and the idea of a thru-hike just sounded like such a humbling journey.

This being said, I have the drive, perseverance, and determination to undertake the trail, however, I'm lacking one thing: funds. I'm sure all of you know it's quite an undertaking to be away from a steady income of money for a couple of days, weeks, and even more difficult, 6 months. If you find that you are not able to support me financially, I can completely understand, all I wish is that you would give me your support and prayers as I undertake this trip. If you search your heart and find yourself in a philanthropic mood, I have set up a Paypal account to which you could donate.

All you would have to do is enter my e-mail address:

I plan on taking a camera with me, to document this journey. I will take as many pictures as possible for everyone to see, because I realize this is not something everyone wants to do, but something that many of you would like to see.
I have set an end date on this event of May 15, 2013 as this will be nearing the time of my departure. If all goes as planned and I am able to raise the required funds for this trip, I am planning to leaving around May 25 - June 1st.”


I think this trip sounds awesome and terrifying! What a cool story to be able to tell. If you are feeling generous, then please click on the Paypal link and donate. Every single little bit helps!



Thanks for reading :)