Young and Crafty Sisters: Hawaiian Flower Onesie {Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial}

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hawaiian Flower Onesie {Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial}

Hawaiian Flower Freezer Paper Stencil

This is my first time to ever try out freezer paper stenciling. I’m in love. How come know one told me how fun and easy this is?! I’ve already been brainstorming what else I can stencil! I used I Am Momma Hear Me Roar’s video tutorial to make sure I knew what I was doing. It’s a great video and super easy to follow. I’m going to do a picture tutorial as well.

You will need:
Freezer Paper (must be freezer paper)
Fabric Paint & Paint Brush
Xacto knife or electronic cutter (i.e. Silhouette or Cricut)
Fabric to stencil onto


I found my image on Google and printed it out to the size I wanted. I tried to put the freezer paper in the printer but that was pretty much a disaster. Can we say paper jam?

Place your freezer paper over your image. You should be able to see your image through the freezer paper. The picture above has the freezer paper over the image. Take your xacto knife and cut out the red. Make sure to keep all of the little pieces of freezer paper.


Once my image was cut out I placed it on my onesie SHINY side down. Make sure you have something separating the back and front of your clothing. For instance, I had a shoe box lid. You could also use cardboard. If your image is like mine, you will have to fill in the extra pieces.


Now iron it on. The shiny side is going to adhere to your fabric. Just run your finger over it to make sure it is all stuck down good. You don’t want your paint to seep underneath.


Now paint it. Keep your box lid or cardboard separating your onesie so that no paint seeps through to the back side. Make sure you cover it really well. I wish I would have covered mine a little better in places.


Now peel your freezer paper off. I didn’t wait for the paint to dry because I have zero patience. All of your lines should be super crisp!


The possibilities are endless!



I’ve already freezer paper stenciled something else! Can’t wait to share :)

Thanks for reading!

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