Young and Crafty Sisters: March 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

Free for All

As you all know, I am currently in crazy study mode until April 12th. That means that I have zero time for crafting. Zero. That being said, I am looking for guest posters. I’m looking for a new tutorial or a tutorial that is at least six months old, please email me at if you are interested!

Here are the fab features from last week:

This sunburst mirror is pretty and easy to make.

These Easter egg candles are too cute!

And the most viewed link:

Get all the details for why you should repot your orchid AND how to do it!

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Guest Post: How to Make Homemade Air Fresheners

How to Make Homemade Air Fresheners

The cost of cleaning supplies is always on the rise, and far too few people know that you can achieve the same wonderful aroma in your home with much less money. Here is a way that you can create your very own homemade air freshener without the added cost of getting one from the store.

A popular scent that many people seem to enjoy is that of vanilla. With some simple items which you likely already own, you can enjoy the smell of vanilla year round. Look in your bathroom for a cotton ball or two. You will then want to take the cotton ball and place it in a small container. Once the ball is inside of the container, pour some vanilla over top of the cotton ball. Allow it to soak for some time before you remove it.

Once you have removed the cotton ball from the vanilla, wring it out. Then you will want to use a small lid from a baby food jar to place the cotton ball on. You’ll find that vanilla cotton balls are very effective at fighting unwanted smells.

If you would like to have a number of small homemade air fresheners around the home, you will want to visit your local craft store for some potpourri. Take some of the potpourri and add it to a boiling pot of water. Allow for the potpourri to sit for some time before moving some of the liquid to a small container to spread around the home.

Some of the best smells that people report using for their homes are cinnamon sticks. Another popular smell that you can use for your homemade air freshener is the smell of lemon and apple. You will want to use the lemon peel in your boiling water as well as the apple peels in order to capture the essence of the apple and lemon.

As you begin to create your own homemade air freshener, remember that using too many fragrances in the home can be a little overwhelming and could make your guests uncomfortable. In many cases, less is more. So start out taking a more subtle approach. You can always add more later.

About the Author: Jenny Wilson is a full time mom and blogger who loves keeping her home clean and green. Jenny draws on her former cleaning services experience to share expert cleaning advice on her blog, CleverCleaningTips. She is also a firm believer that, with the right mindset, cleaning can be both easy and fun. J

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest Post The Comfy Crafter: Clothespin Holder Tutorial

I've got Mandy here today from The Comfy Crafter. Make sure to head over and check out her blog! 

Hello all! I'm Mandy from The Comfy Crafter, and I am so very excited to guest blogging at Young and Crafty today! I accidentally found my way into the crafting world by working at a nature center {who'd have guessed??} helping making haunted house decorations. I live by the beach and love the laid back coastal charm that surrounds me, this love led to The Comfy Crafter, a place where I can talk about lots of crafts and tips, as long as they are comfy!

This is a nice low cost, quick craft you can make, probably with supplies already in your house. On top of being easy, you get a very versatile end result.
What you need:
  • Tuna can
  • 20 clothespins
  • Steel wool/vinegar stain

Now I first got the idea for this from Pamela Nguyen, found here. Pamela's design looks like the one on the left below, now if you follow my crafts you may have noticed I will stain any wood I can with the steel wool/vinegar stain. I saw the new looking close pin holder and figured I could age that with my stain, and good news, it works!

I simply dipped the clothespin into my handy stock of steel wool/vinegar stain. {If you don't have a stock of this stain you should! Just put steel wool and vinegar in an old jar and throw under the sink}

Lay them out with some paper towel covered newspaper.
Freshly dipped clothespin
Clothespin after 5 minutes

If you get new clothespins they seem to be coated in a waterproofing of sorts and will wick away the stain, if you find blotches, similar to the ones above, running sand paper over them briefly and then re-dipping them will give you an nice stain.

Now you can use to your liking! I like to grow Hyacinth bulbs in water during the winter to have a splash of color and fragrance in those cold winter months. I also found they make a really cute pencil holder!

 Thanks all, hope you enjoy! You can check out more projects like this over at The Comfy Crafter and thanks again to Hannah from Young and Crafty for having me!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Guest Post: Go Get Organized by The Colored Married Life of Matthew & Iris

Bonjour, je suis Iris ;)

I'm a 21 years old french girl living in Paris (France) with my American husband!

I'm also a journalist for Disney Channel, but when I'm not filming, I love to create, decorate or organize things.

If you want to follow our crazy french/american adventures and get some organizing tips, come take a look at our blog : :)

Thank you Hannah for having me today, you Rock !

This week in GO Get Organized...

 Hey girls! (or boys... who knows, there may be boys following
the CRAFT part of the blog :) It's OK, don't be ashamed ;)

 Bonjour à toutes! (et à tous, on sait jamais, peut être qu'il y a des 
hommes qui suivent la partie CRAFT de mon blog :) N'ayez point honte ;)

So, today I will show you a project I had a fun time doing:
An organization board for groceries and shopping.

  Alors aujourd'hui je vous propose un projet que j'ai adoré faire : 
une planche d'organisation pour les courses et le shopping.

 Too often I loose my receipts because I don't have a place to put them (since we maintain a budget, you can imagine how complicated it gets when I have to remember every expense we had during the week)

 Trop souvent je perds les tickets de caisse parce que je n'ai pas un endroit précis ou les mettre (vu qu'on tient un budget, vous imaginez la galère quand je dois me rappeler de toutes les dépenses de la semaine)

And I often do "to get" or "to buy" lists, but they end up all over the place.
And when the time comes to actually go shopping: "WHERE'S THE LIST?"
 Et puis je fais souvent des "to get" ou "to buy" list mais elles sont un peu éparpillées à droite à gauche. Et au moment de partir faire les courses : MINCE OU EST LA LISTE?

 And don't get me started with coupons. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I often loose them and find them the day AFTER their expiration date. Oh, you too? That reassures me!

 Sans parler des coupons de réductions. Je sais pas si je suis la seule, mais moi je les perd et je les retrouve souvent UN JOUR après la date de péremption de la réduction. Oui, vous aussi? Ca me rassure ;)

 I had already seen different ideas of boards, but I thought to myself:
"Why not create a board for everything that concerns shopping?"

 Alors j'avais vu des idées de planches pour s'organiser mais je me suis dis : 
"Pourquoi ne pas réunir tout ce qui concerne les courses/ le shopping ?!"

And adding a little touch of art...
  En y ajoutant une petite touche de déco..

 Here's the result! I even added a pen on the side, so that way no more excuses!
 Voilà le résultat! J'ai même rajouté un stylo sur le côté comme ça plus d'excuse!

I used an old wooden board (that my loving husband cut up for me), some stickers (vinyl), a note pad (1$ at Target), an envelope, a laundry pin that I repainted... And a few ribbons :)
J'ai utilisé une planche en bois (que mon mari adoré m'a découpé), des stickers (vinyl), un bloc (1$ à target aux usa), une enveloppe, une pince à linge en bois que j'ai repeint.. Et un peu de ruban :)

So everything added up to... 3$
Anyway, I find this very practical!
So what do you think? And do you guys loose your receipts and coupons too? :)

Le tout m'est donc revenu à... 2€?
En tout cas je trouve ça super pratique!
Qu'est ce que vous en pensez? Et vous aussi vous perdez vos tickets et coupons? :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Free for All

My goodness this week flew by. Not that I’m complaining! Got any fun weekend plans? Mine include studying yet again.

Here are the fab features from last week:

These mint shakes look delicious! I drink shakes a LOT, so I am always trying to shake up my “menu”.


I have never seen anything like this. It’s like a miniature little crib. This renovation was perfect!

And the most viewed link:

Fabric Carrot Treat Bags Tutorial

These little carrot treat bags are perfect for Easter! Too cute.

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Moen Faucet

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Moen, Incorporated for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I would describe my home decor style as a mix between modern and shabby chic. It's definitely an eclectic mix! My kitchen and bathroom appliances tend to lean towards the more modern style. That's why the Kiran Spot Resist kitchen faucet would fit absolutely perfectly into my kitchet. It's definitely sleek.

  photo 87599srsKO2_zps376479a0.jpg


I love the fact that the Kiran Spot Resist one-handle pulldown kitchen faucet is fingerprint resistant and spot resistant. The finish protects against these spots. That means one thing in my book, less cleaning. I hate cleaning so the less I have to clean the better. 


 photo SpotResistregjpg_zps01cfd3d1.jpg


Another great thing about this faucet is that the arch is high. This is a good thing because when you pull the faucet nozzle down to use the sprayer part, you have more wiggle room in your sink to clean dishes or clean your sink. Once you are done, this faucet has a relax system so the nozzle goes right back in place with a secure docking system. 


You can follow Moen on Twitter (@Moen) or on Facebook ( to learn about new products and stay updated. 


So now that you have seen how beautiful and modern these faucets are, I'm sure you are wondering where to find one right? Lowe's is the perfect place to go pick one up for your home. One thing is for sure, if you buy a Moen faucet for your home, people will compliment it and ask where you got such a cool faucet. 



Moen - Buy it for looks. Buy it for life.®

Visit Sponsor's Site

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Teardrop and Ball Earrings (Tutorial)

Teardrop earrings

Now let me tell you, I am no jewelry designer. This is my first time to even try it and I’m still not even sure you would call it “designing” jewelry.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Free for All

I am loving the time change! The longer days of sunshine just make me smile because spring and summer are right around the corner :)

Here are the fab features from last week:

Make your own bookshelf out of crates. Love this idea.

This rustic love sign is to die for.

And the most viewed link:

This Eater mantle is gorgeous!

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Diana Hobo Handbag

Diana Hobo Handbag

I got the pattern for this Diana Hobo bag from Think Liz. It was a pretty easy pattern to follow. The reason I made this bag was to carry folders in to schools that I visit. I now have a total of 3 school bags. Crazy!

This fun fabric came from my sponsor WholePort. I love the spring feel of it and it just makes me happy when I see it.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Free for All

Welcome to another edition of the Free for All party. I hope this has been a good week for you!

Here are the fab features from last week:

Spring yarn wreath with burlap flowers and bunting tutorial, fabric stiffener, how to, diy

Mad props to anyone who does a yarn wreath. I don’t think I have the patience! This one is gorgeous and makes me wish for spring.

Burlap Wine Bags DIY

These burlap wine bags would make the perfect hostess gift. They are just too cute!

And the most viewed link:

Chippendale Armchair Before and After

This bamboo chair was made over into a beautiful shade of green. Love that cutie dog too!

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Trip to Seattle


If you follow me on Instagram (hannahyoungancrafty) or Twitter (YoungandCrafty), you’ve seen some of the pictures from my trip to Seattle. The reason I went was for the National Association of School Psychologist conference. Of course, there was fun mixed in with learning!


It was a fun city to visit but definitely not somewhere I would want to live. It was dreary and drizzling for most of the week. NO thank you! I need the sun :)


Here are a few pictures from my adventures:




This was a rotating sushi bar. The price is determined by the color and you just grab what you want!




My friend Lauren and I on the ferry. It was just a wee bit windy!










My friends Lauren and Alicia and I headed to Brainbridge Island on the ferry. Seattle in the background.




Lauren and I at the disgustingly cool gum wall.




Love this picture.




Being and avid gum chewer myself, I of course had to add my gum to the wall.




I could put tons of pictures for the Chihuly glass museum but I’m just going to share my favorites. Wow it was gorgeous!








Of course we had to visit the famous space needle.




Wow it was COLD and windy up there!!




View from the top.




View from the convention center. You can see the sign for Pike’s Market down there where it looks like the city drops off the face of the earth.




Down at Pikes Market you can get tons of fresh produce.




Beecher’s cheese is down by the market. You can watch them make cheese!




And of course we had to check out the first Starbucks!


What a fun trip! The food was excellent. I loved that you could walk everywhere. Seattle was a fun place to visit!