Young and Crafty Sisters: Guest Post The Comfy Crafter: Clothespin Holder Tutorial

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest Post The Comfy Crafter: Clothespin Holder Tutorial

I've got Mandy here today from The Comfy Crafter. Make sure to head over and check out her blog! 

Hello all! I'm Mandy from The Comfy Crafter, and I am so very excited to guest blogging at Young and Crafty today! I accidentally found my way into the crafting world by working at a nature center {who'd have guessed??} helping making haunted house decorations. I live by the beach and love the laid back coastal charm that surrounds me, this love led to The Comfy Crafter, a place where I can talk about lots of crafts and tips, as long as they are comfy!

This is a nice low cost, quick craft you can make, probably with supplies already in your house. On top of being easy, you get a very versatile end result.
What you need:
  • Tuna can
  • 20 clothespins
  • Steel wool/vinegar stain

Now I first got the idea for this from Pamela Nguyen, found here. Pamela's design looks like the one on the left below, now if you follow my crafts you may have noticed I will stain any wood I can with the steel wool/vinegar stain. I saw the new looking close pin holder and figured I could age that with my stain, and good news, it works!

I simply dipped the clothespin into my handy stock of steel wool/vinegar stain. {If you don't have a stock of this stain you should! Just put steel wool and vinegar in an old jar and throw under the sink}

Lay them out with some paper towel covered newspaper.
Freshly dipped clothespin
Clothespin after 5 minutes

If you get new clothespins they seem to be coated in a waterproofing of sorts and will wick away the stain, if you find blotches, similar to the ones above, running sand paper over them briefly and then re-dipping them will give you an nice stain.

Now you can use to your liking! I like to grow Hyacinth bulbs in water during the winter to have a splash of color and fragrance in those cold winter months. I also found they make a really cute pencil holder!

 Thanks all, hope you enjoy! You can check out more projects like this over at The Comfy Crafter and thanks again to Hannah from Young and Crafty for having me!