Young and Crafty Sisters: Winter-Proofing Your Bathroom

Friday, April 26, 2013

Winter-Proofing Your Bathroom

Many homeowners today share the opinion that a towel warmer not only adds value but style, elegance and warmth to any room in the home.

When you think about it for two minutes, a towel warmer becomes the most obvious choice for your bathroom. They look beautiful, as beautiful as any traditional non-electronic towel rack. They also do away with the need for a heater in the bathroom in winter, so you can throw away that dangerous portable plug in heater that has exposed wires and is perilously close to the puddle leaking out from under the shower door. Even better, if well installed and good quality, they will add value to your bathroom in the longterm, just like any add-on or good renovation in your house. Browse the different types of heated towel racks at Hydrotherm.  They can be used in any room of the house, like the laundry or the kitchen if you need. If there are rooms you don't constantly use, you can get a rack with a timer that can automatically switch itself on or off. The great things is that can will reduce moisture and mildew in basements in winter.


Choose one within your budget and of a size that will suit your bathroom, once you have the design of your bathroom planned out. There is nothing more luxurious than stepping out of a hot bath in winter and grabbing a hot towel  off the rack and then stepping into warm pyjamas that have been sitting on the rack and warming up.

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