Young and Crafty Sisters: 01/27/13

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Brother and the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike


Ok guys, so I normally don’t post things about money but this is for my brother, Wesley. He is a pretty awesome guy and wants to do a 6 month hike on the Appalachian Trail. Crazy, I know! The only thing is that it costs money to do such a thing. I am begging you to read his story below and donate. The amount need not be big. If everyone donated just $1 we could all but pay for his trip! Of course, when he returns I will snag plenty of the pictures he takes along the way to share. I can’t imagine the beauty he will see.


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That’s Wesley, my younger brother.



That’s my handsome brother and beautiful sister.


Here is what my brother has to say:

“What is an Appalachian Trail, or AT, thru-hike, you might ask? A thru hike is when someone hikes the entirety of the trail starting from Springer Mountain in Georgia, all the way to Mount Katahdin in Maine. Although, I will be a South Bounder, which hikers call SOBO's, going from North to South. This hike will span most of the east coast, well over 2,100 miles, and will take about 6 months.

You might also find yourself wondering, "Who would want to spend 6 months hiking through the woods?" To answer that, we will have to travel back to 2009. I first heard about this trail in 2009 shortly after I moved to College Station, Texas. Ever since I heard of the trail, I've been very excited about camping and hiking and the idea of a thru-hike just sounded like such a humbling journey.

This being said, I have the drive, perseverance, and determination to undertake the trail, however, I'm lacking one thing: funds. I'm sure all of you know it's quite an undertaking to be away from a steady income of money for a couple of days, weeks, and even more difficult, 6 months. If you find that you are not able to support me financially, I can completely understand, all I wish is that you would give me your support and prayers as I undertake this trip. If you search your heart and find yourself in a philanthropic mood, I have set up a Paypal account to which you could donate.

All you would have to do is enter my e-mail address:

I plan on taking a camera with me, to document this journey. I will take as many pictures as possible for everyone to see, because I realize this is not something everyone wants to do, but something that many of you would like to see.
I have set an end date on this event of May 15, 2013 as this will be nearing the time of my departure. If all goes as planned and I am able to raise the required funds for this trip, I am planning to leaving around May 25 - June 1st.”


I think this trip sounds awesome and terrifying! What a cool story to be able to tell. If you are feeling generous, then please click on the Paypal link and donate. Every single little bit helps!



Thanks for reading :)

Beadboard Guest Bathroom Renovation

Beadboard Bathroom renovation

I stupidly ambitiously chose to renovate this bathroom the week before I was hosting Christmas. I do not advise doing such a thing. Your husband probably won’t appreciate being roped in to helping either. But seeing as how he loves you, he will help anyway.  Unfortunately there are no windows near this bathroom so the pictures are not the best.