Young and Crafty Sisters: 04/10/13

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Guest Post Spool and Spoon: Lace Earrings Tutorial

Please welcome Jess from Spool and Spoon! She's a sweetheart and is going to share a tutorial for some pretty lace earrings. Be sure to hop on over to her blog and browse around. 

Hi everyone! It's so nice to meet you. I'm Jess and I'm the girl behind Spool and Spoon. I'm a bubbly twenty-something living with my husband and our two fur-babies in the 'burbs outside of Philadelphia. I'm so excited to be here today. Hannah is a true inspiration, I really mean it. Her ridiculously amazing talents inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and join the So You Think You're Crafty competition. If you enjoy spending time with your sewing machine or bonding with your mixer, we could probably be great friends. 

I love lace. Madonna obviously had an effect on me while I was growing up, haha. After all, I wouldn't consider anything but lace for my wedding gown last year. Still, I can't believe how trendy it is at the moment. You see it on just about everything and you're about to see it on something new -- earrings!

I am venturing into the wild world of jewelry making and I'm beginning to learn that it's only as difficult as you make it... and these earrings? Pfft. Not difficult at all.

What you'll need:
Lace trim in a pattern that you like
2 jump rings
2 fish hook earrings
Fabric Stiffener: 1 tablespoon Elmer's glue & 1 tablespoon water

1. Cut your desired length of lace (mine is about 2.5 inches long -- I just followed the pattern)
2. Mix your glue and water in a dixie cup until smooth and the consistency of milk
3. Dip lace into the mixture and move it around until it's completely saturated

4. While it's still wet, insert a sewing needle

5. Lay it flat to dry and remove the needle when the lace is completely stiffened

6. Thread an opened jump ring into the hole left by the needle

7. Attach the earring hook to the jump ring and close the jump ring completely

That's it! Now step back and admire your handiwork. Love them? I bet you do. 

They are so feminine and airy. They look incredibly delicate but due to the stiffener, they hold their shape perfectly and won't just twist up in your hair.

They can dress up even the most casual of outfits... I'm wearing a basic white tank and preppy shorts and they look fabulous with the ensemble.

On display with some of my other favorite earrings. Aren't those little blue birds from Target just darling? Or maybe you're admiring my pretty little bees from J.Crew? And of course my Anthro Callias Knock-offs are a show stopper as well!

Like my earring display? It's just burlap and lace wrapped around foam board and inserted in a frame!

Thanks so much to Hannah for giving me a chance to visit with all of you today! I hope to see you around my parts of the web soon.