Young and Crafty Sisters: 04/11/13

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Guest Post DIY's (Do It Yourself): Jute Twine Decorative Balls {Tutorial}

Today I've got Shruti from DIY's (Do It Yourself). Be sure to check out her blog for more fun stuff! 

With my recent love for jute and burlap, (earlier project was jute twine bowl) I wanted to make some new stuffs with my jute twine. I really like my new pedestal vase I made recently (tutorial coming soon)  but it kind of look bland with the white shells , as all the other decor stuffs are dark in color on my mantle. So, I wanted to make some vase fillers which can add a statement. Then I got it, how about plastic balls wrapped with jute twine. I was looking for the plastic balls when I saw a pack of golf tees in Walmart for 1 dollar. 15 balls for a dollar is score:-). I even used some old plastic balls from my son's toys and some old tennis balls. This is the finished product.

It's an easy and beautiful spring decor. So if you want to make one for yourself too, here are the steps to follow.


Golf tees
Glue gun & glue sticks
Jute twine (also from Walmart for a dollar)
Scissors (to cut twines)

Plastic balls & tennis balls.

Acrylic paint

Start by wrapping balls with twine with the help of glue.

Keep wrapping tightly so that no space is left in between and keep gluing.

This is how it will look after it's done. Cut the twine and glue the ends inside.

All the finished balls.

I even added a little bit of paint to tennis and plastic balls to give the fillers a different look. Just give few strokes of paint and let it dry.

I added a little sand at the base of my vase and then put all the balls. This is the finished result. I love how it added a freshness to my decor just like spring. It's super cheap and fun way to decorate.

The pedestal vases on both sides are DIY too, see the details in this post.

Whole mantle piece look.

Let me know your views and suggestions. Happy crafting.