Young and Crafty Sisters: 04/24/13

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Home Transformation with Dollar Store Objects

Home Transformation with Dollar Store Objects
An excellent thing about dollar stores is that they allow you to decorate your home in a fashionable way on a very low budget. The biggest challenge here is not to overcrowd your space with trinkets, but to come up with creative and stylish d├ęcor solutions.
Arm yourself with patience

Better be prepared: finding interesting items in dollar stores might not be as quick as you think. You really have to look and imagine how the objects you find there might fit in with your furniture and how you might use them.

However, the encouraging thing is that regardless of where your furniture came from – a luxury store or Ikea, yard sale or an online furniture website of shop 4 furniture – you’ll be able to find charming home accents to complement all furniture styles in all price ranges.

What to look for

While main home items like furniture, kitchen appliances and tech equipment can’t be purchased inexpensively, all little decorative items can, which is great, because you can make wonders with them.

Dollar stores are good for discovering charming:
• Photo frames
• Pillows and pillowcases
• Ribbons
• Candles
• Beads
• Lamps
• Fabrics
• Napkins and napkin holders
• Vases, glasses, plates

• Exotic sculptures
• Woven baskets
• Artificial flowers, etc.

Don’t think any of the items on the list are unnecessary. Every little piece can be used to elevate and freshen up your house.

A few ideas to get you started

Walls, shelves, sofas and tables are vast territory for decoration. Using colorful napkins or nicely patterned fabrics you can decorate an old canvas or a cheap foam panel, gluing or pinning the fabric/napkin to your working surface.

If you are not a big fan of artificial flowers in your home, like me, there’s still a great way to use them as decoration. This may open up dozen of ideas to use artificial flowers. You can use them to decorate some plain lamp, place a few fake buds in a woven basket on a dining room table or think of more ways to use artificial plants creatively.

Real flowers are reserved for visible places next to sofas, armchairs, windows, etc. Use unusually shaped vases or glasses you found at a dollar store to place a nice bouquet picked from your garden.

If your sofa is already old but you can’t replace it for the time being, organize a pillow-decorating workshop. There are a few very simple ways to redecorate your pillows using only new, pretty fabric and ribbons – in the end the pillow is supposed to look like delicious candy. Covering your sofa with colorful pillows will add life to it and make it look inviting. In the end you might even fight over who’ll sit on it.

Rule of thumb: simplicity

As I mentioned earlier, it is very important not to overcrowd your home with cheap-looking “stuff”. Photo frames should be placed in clusters of two or three, not ten. They can be placed on walls, shelves and nightstands, and next to them you can add some stylish home accent, like a jar of marbles or beads, or a nice looking woven basket with artificial flowers.

The same rule applies to everything you purchased. In the end you’ll get a well-balanced, fresh looking and inspiring home that will be a delight to come back to whenever you leave the house.

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