Young and Crafty Sisters: 06/28/13

Friday, June 28, 2013

Metal Table Renovation{Tutorial}


I am so excited to have my wonderful sister here doing a tutorial for how she renovated this little metal table for her new to her sewing machine. I always bug her about doing guest posts for me because she is very crafty! This table couldn’t have turned out any better and I love the color she chose. Thanks for the tutorial Brittany!


Metal Table Renovation


Hi! My name is Brittany, Hannah’s sister. Not quite as crafty as her but we do have a few things in common; we both LOVE estate sales and I recently discovered my HATE of hand sanding. If you have been following Hannah’s blog you know that she despises sanding because she lacks patience.

My mom, Hannah and I love to hit up garage sales and estate sales when I come to visit. Hannah called to tell us about an estate sale that was a crafter’s dream…and it was. I have been on the lookout for an old sewing machine for quite some time and this estate sale had 6!

I snagged this old Montgomery Ward sewing machine for $35 with all the attachments and stumbled upon this table in the garage. It is all metal and looked pretty beat up but I had a vision. The nice gentleman sold it to me for $10! Just my kind of deal.




As soon as I got it home to my parent’s house I wanted to get started on the project….of course it was a million degrees outside. And so the hand sanding process begins. Nothing can take the fun out of a project quite like sanding for an hour and a half in the Texas heat.








I started off with a coarse grit sand paper (more like 10 pieces) to remove the brown color. The previous owner did a crackle finish, which was pretty difficult to sand off. Hannah’s electric sander would have come in handy but I couldn’t wait that long to start.




Once I got the brown paint and most of the white off I used a fine grit sandpaper so all of the scratches from the coarse sandpaper wouldn’t show through the spray paint. I sprayed it down with the garden hose and did a little more wet sanding in areas that felt rough. Sprayed it again and let it dry really well, which didn’t take long in Texas!




Now the fun part…spray painting!! Something that Hannah and I do not have in common, our ability to spray paint correctly. Those that follow along know Hannah doesn’t have the patience to spray paint with short spurts. She holds down that nozzle and gets to work.






After a few coats of spray paint the project was FINISHED! I wish I would have sprayed on a clear coat to protect it but the guy at Home Depot said it wasn’t necessary. Now I am ready for a few sewing projects!


Metal Table Renovation


Isn’t it cute?! Don’t you want to see more guest posts from her?! (Hint Hint, sis!)


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