Young and Crafty Sisters: Hometalk and Michaels Pinterest Party in San Antonio, TX!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hometalk and Michaels Pinterest Party in San Antonio, TX!!!

The Hometalk Pinterest Party at Michael’s in San Antonio was such a blast!!  The staff could not have been any more helpful.  They made announcements advertising the event throughout the 3 hours, helped crafters find all their supplies, and checked in often.  We were set up in the private class, which I was slightly hesitant about at first thinking we wouldn’t get much traffic.  Boy was I wrong!  We had a great turnout of about 14 crafters and many people who learned of the event while shopping in-store.

Pinterest Party

I had my table set up displaying the monogrammed burlap canvas and planned on making the project with the crafters during the event.  I was so busy helping others and explaining all the Pinterest craft options that I had no time to work on my craft, which was totally fine with me.

Pinterest Party 1

I was pleasantly surprised when walking into the classroom.  The staff had 3 tables set up with foam brushes, paint, chalkboard stickers, and embellishments for the picture frame…all at not cost to the crafters!  I think that really enticed customers to stay and craft.  I made these flyers the morning of the event due to not receiving my apron and Hometalk flyers so that I could still encourage people to join and like Michael’s on Hometalk for a chance to win a $100 Michaels gift card. 

Pinterest Party 2
There was plenty of inspiration throughout the store with the Pinterest inspired end-caps with pictures and supplies on display.  Customers could simply purchase their supplies and meet me in the classroom.  I had many crafters stop halfway through their projects to go grab extra embellishments!!  Sure makes it easier than having to drive back to the store if you forgot anything

Pinterest Party 3

I had a good friend, Hector, help make the front board decorated with my flyers and business cards to help peak interest.  The crafter in the top frame stayed almost the entire time and made about 3 different picture frames.  I was ecstatic that Brent (the boyfriend <3) came for moral support and even made a picture frame for his mom for Mother’s Day!!

Pinterest Party 4

Thanks to Shannon for coming to the event and making this super cute heart picture frame.  This was by far the most popular project because of the make-and-take ease and Michael’s provided these heart frames from a leftover project free to the crafters, along with the scrapbook paper and a limited supply of the embellishments. 

This was such an enjoyable experience crafting with ladies & Brent, promoting Hometalk, Michaels, and Young and Crafty Sisters.  Everyone asked when the next Pinterest Party will be and the employees asked if I might want to come back in the next few months.  ABSOLUTELY!!   I would do it every month!!  There was even a reporter from The San Antonio Express newspaper who made an appearance and interviewed me and observed during the event. 

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