Young and Crafty Sisters: Venice, Italy

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Venice, Italy


We caught an early flight from Munich to Venice. It was only about an hour long and saved us a 4 hour train ride.


Ahh, Venice! One of the most popular cities in Italy. For that reason alone, I think we both were expecting a lot. We had both read that Venice “roads” are really difficult to navigate and that you should just get lost. So we did do that, we got lost. A lot. The only problem with getting lost is that you eventually want to “get found” again. That proved to be difficult!


Our map had tons of roads but half of them were missing names. These roads were more like alleys and if you found yourself in an alley like this in the states you would be scared our of your mind. It was just different here. Of course we were always aware of our purses but we were never worried.


Ok, enough chit-chat. Here are some pictures!



The famous St. Marks Square.



St. Marks Church and Campanile (the bell tower).



Just a glimpse of the inside of St. Marks Church.



So it is unacceptable to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts inside of St. Marks. We had to purchase these “scarves” to wrap up in. Needless to say, we felt pretty hoochie!



The view of Venice from the top of the Campanile. I never realized it was so big!



The Grand Canal.



The famous Rialto bridge!



One of the many waterways of Venice.



We got all dressed up for dinner one night! Funny story, the waiter knew we were trying to get his attention so he came over and said, “If you need me, all you need to do is smile and I will come” and then he proceeded to brush a piece of Brittany’s hair out of her face! Not acceptable in the US but totally OK in Italy!



This was our food an wine from our fancy dinner. So delicious!



We took a Vaporetti (water taxi) night tour of Venice. It was beautiful all lit up at night.


We spent one day in Venice. Trust me, that was plenty long enough for us. We got frustrated with the navigation part of this city. Don’t get me wrong, we loved it, but it definitely wasn’t either one of our favorite cities in Italy.


Next stop, Florence!


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