Young and Crafty Sisters: Bathroom and Closet Organization

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bathroom and Closet Organization


I am finally getting settled into my new home after getting back from Europe and starting my new job.  Organization is always a top priority on my list and I wanted to share a few tips and ideas that I use!  If you like the silver mirrors, light fixtures, and drawer handles check out how I spray painted them from an awful brassy gold here.




I love having my own vanity to display all my girly products but I am still on the lookout for the perfect chair.


Bathroom 1


I found these two acrylic makeup organizer at Home Goods and Marshalls.  I love those stores and never leave without tons of totally random items.  I have lots of drawers on each side of the vanity but I love having my most used products front and center everyday.  I actually hop right up on the counter each morning to apply my makeup.  I have my favorite brushes in a white coffee mug on the right.


Bathroom 2


I LOVE the nail polish display.  I found this “spice rack” at Ikea in Houston on a trip with my mom and Hannah.  I knew it would be the perfect way to organize all my polishes.  I used to keep them in a cosmetic bag, always jumbled together and forgetting what colors I owned.


Bathroom 4


Now for the jewelry…or some of it.  Need more storage for your bracelets??  Why not try a cupcake stand to utilize vertical space on the counter!  The frame on the wall holding some of my dangly earrings was a gift from Hannah a few years ago.  She painted a wooden frame and stapled lace to the back.  She then attached hooks along the bottom to hang necklaces and embellished with fabric rosettes.  Such a cute way to display your favorite jewelry.  The smaller piece to the right was a Claire’s purchase when I was probably still in high school.  It’s the easiest way for me to store my stud earrings.



Another way I store my necklaces is with this coat hook with 4 wooden dowels.  I found this piece on the bathroom aisle at Home Depot back in college.  It is sturdy to hang some of my chunkier necklaces, so I load it down!




I am not a huge shoe person like some people (Hannah!) but a good tip to save room when storing shoes is to alternate the direction of the shoes.  So you can see in this picture all of the left shoes are facing the wall and the right shoes are facing the camera.  I was able to fit 4 pairs on each row and it just looks nice.


Closet 2


Belts are another story…I love to tuck in shirts with a belt or put a belt over top of dresses or shirts to cinch in the waist.  I started off with 3 Command hooks and quickly realized that would not fit even half of my belts.  At an estate sale the next weekend I found this belt hook for $0.50 and knew it would be a great addition to my closet for my skinny belts!!  PS…if you are looking for a great leather belt, check at estate sales.  My favorite skinny red leather belt was an estate sale steal for only $0.25 and the quality is amazing.




If you have a lot of t-shirts, the best way to store them is to fold them and slide them in vertically.  I used to stack them and forget what shirts were on the bottom and need about 2 drawers for the same amount of shirts.  I just love being able to see all of my options when I open the drawer and it just looks really organized, which I also love. (Check out all those Aggie shirts Smile).


Closet 1


Last tip!  I keep all my scarves looped through on 4 hangers.  It is an excellent way to keep them from being all jumbled up and getting wrinkled.  It really lets me see what options I have!


I really hope that some of the organizational methods I use in my home helps you get inspired to do some organization in yours!  And let me know of any ideas that you have that may help me!! 


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