Young and Crafty Sisters: Rome, Italy

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rome, Italy


This is the last leg of our tour. Rome was my favorite city. I loved all the history that was everywhere. The only thing that I didn’t like about this city was that it rained Not just a little drizzle, but a downpour!




The first thing we saw was the Colesseum.




It really was as magnificent as you can imagine!



Next we browsed the Palatine Hill Ruins.



The Roman Forum



And then the rain started…



That didn’t stop us!








The Pantheon was gorgeous!



The Trevi Fountain was a bit of a disappointment. They were doing work on it and had no water! We still threw our coins in so that we could return to Rome one day :)



The food was delicious!!



On day 2, we took a Segway tour that was pretty awesome.



This is a huge old government building. I just love how this picture turned out. Of course, there is a huge storm blowing in!




This used to be an old chariot racing arena. It could hold up to 300,000 people!!



Just some of the old ruins.



We couldn’t help but pose like statues!



Strike a pose!



St. Peters at The Vatican



It was beautiful inside St. Peter’s



The Vatican from the top of the dome.



This was the museum on the way to see the Sistine Chapel. We were basically herded like cattle!!



We stopped for lunch and had our last pizza. Man I miss that pizza!




Castel Sant’Angelo. While in the castle the rain started again.


It was drizzly and we wanted a cute umbrella picture and this happened!



Later that evening we went to the Spanish Steps.



After dinner we walked around the Villa Borghese gardens.



I just loved these 2 churches side by side in a piazza.



And that is officially the end of our trip.


It was most definitely a trip of a lifetime. I wouldn’t change one single thing that we did or money that we spent. It was even more special being able to share these special memories with my best friend and sister.


Next up I am going to do a Top ??? post of traveling tips that we learned!


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