Young and Crafty Sisters: 01/03/14

Friday, January 3, 2014

State String Art

State string art

Hello again!  I’m Hannah’s sister Brittany and this is my first official post as a contributor to Young and Crafty Sisters.  I of course saw this idea on Pinterest and knew I had to give it a try for my boyfriend’s new house!  I chose to place the heart over College Station (the town where we met) and Conroe (the city of our first home).  Here are the supplies you will need:

state string art 2

Any type of small nail with a bigger head so the string won’t slip off.  I had this string in my craft supplies, I think its embroidery string. I got an awesome deal on the wood from the discount bin at Home Depot.  There is usually a cart of miscellaneous wood that has been cut in different sizes that is 70% off.  I had the guy cut me two pieces (just in case I messed the first one up) and it cost less than $2!  I chose 16in x 16in for my particle board pieces but any size will work for the space you are decorating.
Paint the board in the color of your choice, I chose my favorite color maroon (Gig ‘em).  I just used an acrylic paint that I already had in my craft supplies but any paint should work fine.

image (38)

I printed out the great state of Texas and taped it to my painted particle board.  Next, draw a heart around whatever city you choose and start the tedious process of nailing around the border.  Once you have all the nails in place rip the paper map off.

image (40)

Choose a spot to start the string and tie a double knot around the nail.  Then begin looping from the outside to the heart.  You will overlap multiple times on the heart nails because there are many more nails outlining the state.  It took 3 embroidery string packages for the finished product.

image (39)

I love the finished product and so does my boyfriend!  It looks great in his new house and has such a special meaning for us.  They also make great gifts.  I made a second one with my leftover wood for my San Antonio friends.  They absolutely love it and it was inexpensive but thoughtful.