Young and Crafty Sisters: 02/21/14

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hannah’s Fun Friday

Fun Friday


What’s this “Fun Friday”, you ask? Well it’s a little compilation of randomness. Brittany and I are going to start alternating weeks where we share a few fun things that we love, did, or want to do. We want our readers to get to know us a little better and maybe find some great new products. These posts may be compiled of food, fashion, make-up, exercise, etc. You name it, there is a good chance you might see some of it here! We aren’t putting a specific number of things we are sharing but just whatever we feel like.


To sum things up, these Fun Friday posts will be fun of random things. Fun right?! So let’s get started with this first ever Fun Friday.




Let me introduce you to the most amazing mascara in all the land. I refuse to buy any other kind. This stuff does wonders for your eyelashes. It keeps them soft and makes them look longer. Maybe one day I’ll do a side by side of one eye with and one eye without.



packing tips and tricks


My sis and I are going on a really big trip this summer. I’m sure you will hear more about it soon. This blog post has some GREAT packing tips.



This weenie dogs face cracks me up. He looks like a little grandpa! I love weenie dogs. In fact, I’ve got 2 of my own.


photo 1 (1)


My mom came with me to the Pinterest Party last Sunday at Michaels. I get any and all of my craftiness from her. She was such a big help and I sure do love her! Thanks mom :)



So that’s pretty much how these Fun Friday posts will go. A little of this and a little of that. I hope you enjoy them!



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