Young and Crafty Sisters: 03/09/14

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Guest Bathroom Redo

Guest Bathroom Redo

This is my parents guest bathroom. I recently helped my parents redo it. The walls and vanity got a fresh coat of paint. The vanity got new hardware and the light switch covers were updated. I wish I had taken a picture before I took the mirror down. Imagine a big rectangular mirror with no border. Just a mirror.  This new one is pretty fabulous.

Guest Bathroom Redo Before

Oh paneling. It just takes over a room. Painted paneling is better than regular unpainted paneling in my opinion. Have you ever painted paneling? It’s not easy. It took THREE coats of Kilz primer! Not to mention you have to get in all those stinkin’ cracks. After the primer we ended up putting on two coats of Behr Brown Teepee. This really was the perfect tan color. It is just tan. No grey or pink undertones.

I convinced mom that we needed to paint the vanity. I’ve never painted cabinets before so this was new for me. We got a quart of paint and decided to try out chalk paint so that we wouldn’t have to sand. The color is Behr Espresso Beans. This is another perfect color. It is a dark chocolate brown and looks fabulous. For our chalk paint, we used 3 parts paint, 1 part plaster of paris, and water to mix. We painted two coats and then used a wax over the whole thing.  The vanity was actually the easiest part of this whole job!

Guest Bathroom 2

It looks SO much better!!

Guest bathroom redo 3

Guest Bathroom Redo 4

Can we just talk about that mirror? It goes perfectly with the colors my mom picked out. She snatched it up for $100 from TJ Maxx. It really ties the whole room together and makes the bathroom look more modern.

Guest Bathroom After

And here is a before and after! So don’t be scared to paint paneling if you have it. It’s not all that bad.

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