Young and Crafty Sisters: 06/16/14

Monday, June 16, 2014

Book Page Wreath by Paper & Fox

You do not want to miss this book page wreath from Paper and Fox! Be sure to check out Carmody's blog for many more great projets!

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It’s wreath time! First, let me begin with saying that I do not normally destroy books. I love books, but I sacrificed a “not so good one” to complete this project. I also really like making things out of paper. I wanted a simple and pretty wreath.
Materials Used:
Cardboard cut unto a the shape of a wreath (I used a cardboard from a box of diapers)
Book pages (each bloom takes 3 pages)
Paper fasteners
Glue gun and glue gun sticks

After you have your cardboard circle prepared, fold the book pages with an accordion fold. Combine 3 book pages together, pinching the center of the accordion fold. The folded pages should resemble and butterfly.

Get out your metal fasteners.


Wrap one fastener around the the book pages and pinch the bottom together.

Now, put on a good movie and make some paper blooms until you have enough to complete your wreath. They paper blooms do not have to be perfect, just pretty. I used hot glue to attach the paper blooms to the cardboard circle. Arrange the blooms to make your wreath. Ta Da!


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