Young and Crafty Sisters: 07/10/14

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Paris, France


I’ve really been struggling with how in the world to even begin telling you about our trip to Europe. Saying it was amazing seems a little cliché. But it was simply amazing. I’m going to start sharing bits of our trip and most of the posts will include some of our favorite pictures. Since we basically hopped from city to city, I’m going to break each post down by city. At the end of all the posts I’m going to do a top (fill in the number) tips that we learned!


(In Houston before our flight)


So we started off by leaving from Houston on a Wednesday at 8 pm. The flight was a LONG 13 hours. We had a layover in Istanbul, Turkey that was about 3 hours before our flight headed to Paris. We landed in Paris around 10 pm on Thursday. I don’t think we went to sleep until about 1 or 2 pm because of jet lag but mostly tons of excitement!



We started off the morning at Notre Dame. It was beautiful inside and out.



We climbed up the cajillion stairs to see the gargoyles and got a pretty view of Paris.



We stopped into Musee d’Orsay and got to see a Van Gogh exhibit. He is probably one of the most famous painters of all time so that was pretty incredible.



The Arc de Triomphe was way bigger than I thought it was! It took us a while to figure out that you have to go under a tunnel to get to the center. We had a great time watching the cars driving around the roundabout. There are no traffic lanes and they just merge every which way!



The Eiffel Tower! You see that second ledge? We walked up the stairs to there. It may not look far, but let me tell you right now, it was far.




After dinner we stopped into a supermarket and got some wine, bread and cheese to snack on while we waited for it to get dark. Can you believe it doesn’t get dark till about 10:30?! We were so exhausted from walking all day that as soon as the lights came on we snapped a picture and left for the hotel!



The next day we headed to Versailles. This is a massive castle/palace.



The gardens of Versailles were incredible!



Just a glimpse of the inside of Versailles.




Next we headed to The Louve. It was pretty crazy seeing the super modern pyramid amongst the really old buildings.



Of course we had to go in and snap a picture with Mona!



The last stop of  Paris was the lock bridge. If you put on a lock and throw the key in the river you will love that person forever. I think we have no worries there! Funny story, a few days later a section of the lock bridge fell off into the water because of the weight. I guess our lock just did it in Smile


Paris was a whirlwind day and a half full of walking. We walked so much and I did not wear good shoes the first day. By the middle of the day I had a major blister going on. It ended up being bigger than a half dollar and cause me a lot of unnecessary pain for a few days! Brittany wore a maxi for the first day and about half way through it was disgusting on the bottom. She bought a new outfit and I bought some new shoes! Later she accidently sat our bags down in the supermarket and we left without them. When we went back they were long gone. Thankfully all we lost was her maxi outfit and my shoes.


Paris was beautiful. We had no problems at all with the language barrier or unfriendliness. Many people say that it isn’t clean but we didn’t experience that either. We both loved Paris!


Our next stop is Munich, Germany!


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