Young and Crafty Sisters: 07/13/14

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Munich, Germany


We took a flight from Paris to Munich for several reasons. It was much quicker than a night train (1.5 hours vs. 8 hours) and it was cheaper. Another reason was that I have a friend who just moved there a few weeks prior and we were incredibly lucky to stay with her and her fiancé's family. They were able to pick us up from the airport around 7:30 or 8 pm.



This is my friend Anna and the cute German church she is getting married in!



The night we got there, they decided to take us to a Biergarten. I loved that we were able to do something that Germans traditionally do for dinner!



You basically bring your own picnic and then purchase beer and pretzels. Anna’s soon to be mother in law, Gisela, put together an amazing spread of cheese, bread, and meat.



Of course you can’t go to Germany and not get a huge beer!



The next day we visited Dachau concentration camp. This was a very sad part of the trip but it is definitely part of Germany’s culture so we both wanted to see it.



At one time, all of these pads were barracks. Barracks that housed prisoners. There were rows upon rows of them.



Next we went to Nymphenburg Castle/Palace.



Nymphenburg had beautiful gardens.



Next we headed to see Munich’s city center. This is considered the gateway to Munich.



You are supposed to rub the pigs nose for good luck!



The is the mayors house, although he doesn’t live here anymore. The architecture for this building was absolutely incredible. It was so gothic.



That night we got to have dinner at the oldest restaurant in Munich. It was over 800 years old and has always been a working restaurant!



When it’s nice out, everyone eats outside. There wasn’t anyone actually inside the restaurant. The food was so good too.


It was unusually hot while we were in Germany. Now, we are both from Texas and are used to hot and humid but there is one big difference. Germans don’t have air conditioners! Something else they don’t have… ice. Drinks are room temperature. I don’t know if it’s wanting it because you can’t have it or what, but I wanted an ice cold drink something awful!


We have never in our life stayed with a family that was as hospitable as this family. We never wanted for anything. It was so much fun learning how different things are done in Germany and how Gisela and Klous grew up as kids. They made our stay in Germany extra special.


Next stop, Salzburg, Austria.


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