Young and Crafty Sisters: February 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015

Brittany’s Fun Friday


Happy Friday!  I am likely on my way to San Antonio to celebrate my best friend Shannon’s birthday for the weekend! 

I usually tell you guys all about products, shows, or random things I have been loving lately.  This Fun Friday is going to be a little different.  I wanted to share a few things that I have tried recently and hated!  Maybe my fails can help you out!




I LOVE dry shampoo.  I also love Batiste.  I accidentally picked up the wrong one, this one has “a hint of color”.  I have dark brown hair so I thought it would be perfect. WRONG!  The first day I used it I had just finished a full face of makeup.  I sprayed the dry shampoo and roughed my hair up with my fingertips per usual.  When I looked back in the mirror I had brown all over my face and my hands were a mess.  I hate this product.


Nail Polish


If you follow the blog regularly you know that I love makeup and have 2 beauty subscription boxes (Birchbox & Ipsy).  I received a glitter nail polish similar to the one shown above.  I thought I would give it a try….bad decision.  The glitter applies chunky and the more you try to distribute it evenly, the more it takes off.  Someone also told me I looked like a 7th grader when wearing it.  And taking it off…even harder.  I would recommend what my friend Bonnie calls a “Party Nail” if you want to do a little glitter.  That means painting your nails a solid color and having an accent nail with a different color or glitter.





I hate the Knot Shop.  Don’t get me wrong, I have used the Knot website to help plan and organize the upcoming wedding.  The Knot Shop is a different story.  I ordered my bridesmaid gifts really early, back in November.  I have still not received one of the packages with more than 15 emails, some of which were ignored, 2 with identical responses and only one helpful response.  The helpful response was about a month ago promising it would be shipped…3 weeks ago.  I won’t order anything else from the website for a few reasons.  I understand I ordered during Black Friday and Christmas seasons, however the email confirmation promised delivery in 5-6 days.  Also, the customer service has been absolutely unacceptable.  Good thing the wedding isn’t until April, I’m still holding out hope to receive the products I had personalized and paid for.  I encourage you to order VERY early if you decide to use this website for personalized wedding gifts.


I hope no one took this post as being negative.  I think we need to be honest to keep others from wasting time and money!


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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Repurposed Wine Bottles


Ever had a project that you start and for some reason it just sits there…for a year?  Well I saved these wine bottles and wrapped one with yarn while I lived in San Antonio.  I was frustrated after one and just set them aside.  I even packed the wine bottles and brought them to my new home in Conroe.  For some reason I was inspired to finish the project last night!  Maybe because Brent and Hannah are both gone and I’m bored or because it’s the first day of February and Valentine’s Day is approaching.  Whatever the reason, it feels good to finally complete this easy project.


Wine Bottles 2


I was inspired by this photo on Pinterest (here) about DIY up-cycling to decorate.  I definitely have empty wine bottle and I gathered a few other things to spell out the word L-O-V-E.

I used white buttons for the ‘L’.  For the ‘O’ I cut a strip of burlap, placed a dot of hot glue and continued to wrap the burlap and glue until I had a full circle.  I added an old earring to the center for a little bling (I always knew keeping loner earrings would come in handy!). The ‘V’ is made from a strand of pearls.  I somehow had 5+ stands of artificial pears, so I didn’t mind parting with one for the sake of a project.  The ‘E’ is just the tan yarn, super easy!


Wine Bottles 1


The first bottle I wrapped was a disaster.  I started from the bottom, I couldn’t get the yard to stick, no wonder I left it sitting for so long.  It was so much easier just tying a knot around the top of the bottle and start wrapping.  I occasionally added Mod Podge just to keep things secure, but I didn’t use it the whole way down.


Wine Bottles


I’m really pleased with the finished product.  It dresses up the mantle, especially after feeling so empty with no fall or Christmas decorations.   You really can be creative and spell out anything you want, just add more or less bottles.  Of course I added white hydrangeas, my favorite flower ever.   Hope this inspires you to finish a project on your to-do list!



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