Young and Crafty Sisters: Brittany’s Fun Friday

Friday, February 6, 2015

Brittany’s Fun Friday


Happy Friday!  I am likely on my way to San Antonio to celebrate my best friend Shannon’s birthday for the weekend! 

I usually tell you guys all about products, shows, or random things I have been loving lately.  This Fun Friday is going to be a little different.  I wanted to share a few things that I have tried recently and hated!  Maybe my fails can help you out!




I LOVE dry shampoo.  I also love Batiste.  I accidentally picked up the wrong one, this one has “a hint of color”.  I have dark brown hair so I thought it would be perfect. WRONG!  The first day I used it I had just finished a full face of makeup.  I sprayed the dry shampoo and roughed my hair up with my fingertips per usual.  When I looked back in the mirror I had brown all over my face and my hands were a mess.  I hate this product.


Nail Polish


If you follow the blog regularly you know that I love makeup and have 2 beauty subscription boxes (Birchbox & Ipsy).  I received a glitter nail polish similar to the one shown above.  I thought I would give it a try….bad decision.  The glitter applies chunky and the more you try to distribute it evenly, the more it takes off.  Someone also told me I looked like a 7th grader when wearing it.  And taking it off…even harder.  I would recommend what my friend Bonnie calls a “Party Nail” if you want to do a little glitter.  That means painting your nails a solid color and having an accent nail with a different color or glitter.





I hate the Knot Shop.  Don’t get me wrong, I have used the Knot website to help plan and organize the upcoming wedding.  The Knot Shop is a different story.  I ordered my bridesmaid gifts really early, back in November.  I have still not received one of the packages with more than 15 emails, some of which were ignored, 2 with identical responses and only one helpful response.  The helpful response was about a month ago promising it would be shipped…3 weeks ago.  I won’t order anything else from the website for a few reasons.  I understand I ordered during Black Friday and Christmas seasons, however the email confirmation promised delivery in 5-6 days.  Also, the customer service has been absolutely unacceptable.  Good thing the wedding isn’t until April, I’m still holding out hope to receive the products I had personalized and paid for.  I encourage you to order VERY early if you decide to use this website for personalized wedding gifts.


I hope no one took this post as being negative.  I think we need to be honest to keep others from wasting time and money!


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