Young and Crafty Sisters: Make Your Own Bachelorette Invitations

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Make Your Own Bachelorette Invitations



I looked around forever trying to decide what to do for invitations. If you special order them on Etsy they are super expensive! I decided that I could create them myself. I used to create the invitations. It took SEVERAL hours but they turned out pretty darn good!


Bacehlorette party front


Bachelorette Invitation Itinerary


I emailed the invitations to Office Depot and they printed them out as a 5x7 for me. It was super simple and cost less than $10 for a total of 10.


As you can see, I planned an itinerary for the entire weekend. When you have 8 girls, I feel like that is important. However, we only ended up following half of it and that’s ok! We had a fantastic weekend with zero drama.


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