Young and Crafty Sisters: Flowerbed Facelift

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Flowerbed Facelift

Despite buying bags and bags of black mulch a few months ago, our flowerbeds were seriously sad.  The mulch and dirt just spilled out onto the concrete and looked completely disheveled.  I bought materials and completed this project in about 4 hours and on a budget!!

I love the finished product, much more clean and precise.  Such a big impact for a small price.  I bought 150 of these 6 inch border stones from Home Depot at $0.60 each.  I have TONS leftover and I’m going to continue lining the rest of the flower bed around the house!!

You may have noticed our 13 year old guard dog Katy in the window Smile.  If you love the white rocking chair on the front porch, click here for the estate sale rocking chair re-do.   Remember to drink plenty of water when working outside, especially if you live somewhere sweltering like I do (Texas)…I was literally dripping sweat within minutes of being outside.