5 Sure Shot Ways To Get Back Into A Relationship With Your Ex

Moving on from a long relationship can be tough and rightly so. When you let go of that one person you thought you could spend your entire life with, an empty space is created in your world.

This empty space grows at a steady pack until and unless you finally move on or get back with your ex.

In this article, we’ll tell you about 5 proven ways by which you can get your Ex back in your life:

1. Give them some time to start missing your absence

Sometimes you don’t know the real value of someone as long as you are with them. Once they’re not there for you, you start missing them and realizing what was worth of. If you are missing your Ex, you just need to calm your nerves down for some time. Give them their space as it’ll take some time for them to realize how much you’ve missed them. Once you both start having the feeling for each other again, you’ll see that destiny will play its part to get you back together.

2. Keep reminding her of that crazy forest trek you went for together

Life is just a set of memories we make along the way. These are the memories which were, are and will always be there, no matter what happens. If you have been in a relationship for long enough, you’ll make such memories together. You just need to trigger those sweet memories you have made together. Now, remember to not to go way overboard and start emotional blackmailing your Ex. That won’t help you.

3. Playing games by making them jealous can only make it worse

If you think that you can get your Ex back by making her jealous of your new friend, you are in for a treat. You can not go any wrong with this one. If you have broken up, clearly the trust issue has had its role. Now if you indulge in such activities, the trust will further go down and there will be no scope for damage control. Never try this. If you guys are meant to be, you don’t need to play such games.

4. Don’t break the contact even after the ‘break-up

Breaking up with somebody is usually seen as shutting them down from your life. This should never be the case if you’d like to bring the person back in your life later. If you totally shut them off, any scope of further engagement goes down the drain. If you have recently broken up, you really need to get out of the depression and think of ways by which you can contact her once again. Ensure that your communications with your Ex don’t die and you still keep telling each other everything like buddies. This way, gradually, the chances of your Ex coming back to you increases.

5. Apologize- even if you did nothing to apologize

A relationship requires years to build but just one fight can end it all. Do you want a fight to be a decisive element in your life? Sometimes, saying sorry for mistakes we never made is the best we can do to save a failing relationship. Nobody gets smaller by apologizing to the ones they want to spend their life with.