Once you are done with installing the production units in form of machines, instruments, and manpower, the next phase of any manufacturing business is to keep the operations up and running. However, there are many examples of production companies right from pharmaceuticals to aeronautics which suffered huge losses and had to shut down because the working units failed to pass the test of time.

Such things can be avoided by taking extremely good care of your production related units. Here are 5 tips which will help you in keeping your production units up and running for years:

1. Signs of Wear and Tear Should Be Kept in Check

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Heavy machinery, such as in steel production units, go through rigorous pressure and heat. After sometimes, the moving parts of the machines start getting stuck if the wear and tear are not kept in check. Periodic accumulation of dust and other impurities act as catalysts in damaging the equipment.

The proper maintenance of heavy moving machines is necessary in order to get the most efficient and accurate results from them.

2. Proper Calibration of Lab Equipment Should Be Done on Regular Basis

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Calibration is one of the most important things in a lab’s work. If your business is lab-related, you should know how important is calibration to your test equipment. In your electricity production lab, calibration of a test ammeter and a wattmeter is of immense importance too. Basically, the calibration services providers use a reference meter which is already calibrated up to the industry standards. This reference meter is then used to calibrate your ammeter and another for a wattmeter.

3. Always Maintain A Clean Environment For Smooth Functions

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There should be regular cleaning of machines and instruments taking place. The workplace should not be contaminated by any kind of impurity. In a test production lab, impurities can deviate the results by huge margins. Filters should be regularly cleaned. The air-seals needs to be checked on daily basis.

In case of a medical lab, all the workers should be aware of the contamination-free workplace and they should strictly adhere to the norms.

4. Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Maintenance Schedules – Keep Them Tight

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Depending on the types of production units you have, keep a maintenance schedule on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Lubrication of gearboxes should be maintained regularly. Without proper lubrication, friction generates heat and excess of heat then damage the equipment and sensitive parts.

You can give maintenance contracts to the makers of your set of equipment and then retain them on the basis of their performance.

5. Use Technology To Automate The Quick Maintenance

With so many smart machines coming up, automating the small maintenance processes are among a bunch of other things which you can improvise in your production lab. By doing that, you can be tension free of the smaller maintenance processes which were usually overlooked by the manual labor force. These small things have a tendency to increase the lifespan of any given machine.

Follow these 5 tips and you’ll notice the production units getting more efficient than ever.