Locks are an inseparable part of our lives. They give us the much-needed sense of security whether we’re staying at home or away at work. However, despite being the mechanical marvels that they are, they can also malfunction due to inefficient handling or external factors.

While a professional locksmith Toronto can do wonders for you, the experience might not turn out to be so pleased with an unprofessional one.

Here are 5 ways to spot an unprofessional locksmith and ways to tackle them:

1. Late:

This is the biggest sign that the locksmith that has turned up is unprofessional. Professional locksmiths are very conscious of your work schedules and will reach on time to ensure a hassle-free experience for you.

2. Unprofessional Body Language:

If you’re bad at feeling vibes, you can notice his body language as soon as he reaches your house. Unprofessional locksmiths tend to get baffled upon seeing lock mechanisms which are complicated or different than what they are used to work with.

3. Striking The Locks Too Hard:

You’re sipping your coffee waiting for the locks to be fixed and bam! A loud noise drops on your ears from the repairing area. Unprofessional locksmiths tend to be impatient and don’t hesitate in using brute force methods to get the locks out. This, however, puts a significant risk to your doors getting damaged in the process.

4. Constantly On Call:

One of the most overlooked signs of an amateur locksmith is his calling behaviors. Unprofessional locksmiths tend to seek extra help while at work from their acquaintances, which causes a significant slowdown in work.

5. No Proper Tools:

There’s nothing worse than an unprofessional locksmith showing up without the proper tools to do the job. This not only causes a delay but unnecessary frustration on your end as well.

Once you become aware of his unprofessional being, here are some effective ways to tackle the situation:

A. Ask Few Basic Questions Regarding Locks:

If he wouldn’t be comfortable in answering the questions regarding some basic locks, he possibly can be the king of amateur locksmiths. Expecting their work to last longer is foolishness beyond words.

B. Ask Him Previous Work Experience:

His crankiness or unwillingness might signify that he has never had any employers in the past. Having a totally inexperienced locksmith is worse than having an unprofessional one at your doorsteps. This would give him a signal that you’re on to his lies.

C. Ask Him To Call For Help:

In case he has already taken your locks apart, be frank and ask him to call for his professional colleagues. The truth might feel a bit harsh, but there’s nothing much you can do about it.

D. Tell Him You’ve Changed Your Mind:

If none of the above seem to work out for you, ask him to come again tomorrow. Act as if you have something important on hold which requires immediate attention. This might seem a little embarrassing to most people, but temporary embarrassment is far better than an imperfect lock which can’t keep you safe.

A broken lock can be a nuisance especially if you run on a hectic schedule, which is why getting a professional locksmith is a top priority. Why don’t you give professional locksmiths a shot and see your locks getting fixed in a jiffy?