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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Simple Stool Redo

Simple Stool Redo

My Grandma wanted me to redo this stool for her bathroom. She said that I could do any color that I wanted but her colors were mostly yellows and green. I opted for brighter colors and I’m pretty sure she will love it no matter what colors they are! She’s cool like that :)

If you are looking to reupholster something, a little stool like this is a great place to start!

This stool was baaaadddd. As in, it looked awful.


I swear that seat was hard as a brick.


This is what the seat looked like underneath. I might should have opted to cut a new board. But, I didn’t. I’m embarrassed to say I just used the existing, moldy one.


I grabbed some fluffy batting and recovered around the stool. Just staple all the way around and then cut off the excess.


I then got my fabric and pulled and stapled all the way around. You can see that it almost has a pleated look. I left it looking like this because who is going to look under a stool? If you do, you are weird… just sayin’.


And here she is all beautified and bright!


She looks much cushier now. I’m sure my Grandma’s bottom will thank me for the extra cushion!


Don’t be afraid of a little reupholstering! It’s pretty simple for simple little stools like this.

Thanks for dropping in :)


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Simple Stool

I showed you my awesome garage sale finds (here) a few weeks ago. Well I finally re-did that that hideous taffeta little stool for my mom. Actually I finished a long time ago but just haven't got around to showing it off :)

The stain on top just wasn't cuttin' it. Oddly enough, my mom's house is actually decorated with a lot of maroon.  I found some SUPER cute fabric that I tried to beg my mom to use but it really didn't match anything in her house.  It matched mine though :) I hope to be using that amazing fabric later but when I went back to get some they were out! Hate when that happens...

Ok, back to this stool project!  I wanted to paint the feet as well but again, the wooden one's went better for my mom's house.  So here is the much better, super cute after!

Not necessarily what I would have done if it were MY stool but my mom loves it and uses it all the time!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yellow Chair

I found this chair at Goodwill for a whole $10 bucks and jumped on the deal!  I wanted a chair for my craft room but I didn't want a typical office chair. I had been looking for a chair for about a year waiting for the perfect deal to come along.  Yes, I am a cheapo!

Not so cute right?

It had a flower detail that I wasn't in love with but it would work.

The fabric wasn't awful but it wasn't what I wanted for the room.  Bet you can't guess what I used?!

So it was time to make her over.  This was my first chair redo and small upholstering project.  I had some yellow paint from a previous project and used that to paint this chair.

Isn't it the cutest chair you ever did see? 

As you can see, I used my lovely yellow damask fabric yet again! I also added a cushion to the seat to make it more comfortable. 

I just love the yellow!!

The OK flower detail.

I did learn a few things on this project. First of all, I hope to never use a paint brush on a chair EVER again.  I am extremely impatient and don't pay attention to drips.  It is no fun going around all the curves and edges.  I have another chair redo to do and I will be using spray paint for sure!  The other thing I learned is that when you add cushion the the seat don't pull the fabric super tight but just taut.  It's not the perfect chair but I do love it :)

Here she is one more beautiful time!!

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