Whether you have been together for one year or you have been together for over a decade, there will be times in your relationship where things start to feel stale. That new relationship excitement doesn’t last forever. Thankfully, with a bit of work and planning, you can spice up your relationship and get the ball rolling again. Let’s take a look at some ways to spice up your relationship.

  • Try Something New Together
  • Change Up Your Routine
  • Plan A Date Night
  • Drop Hints
  • Invest Time In Eachother

Try Something New Together

Try Something New Together

You may think you’ve gone on every date you can possibly go on, but there is always something new you can try together. Maybe you have both wanted to go skydiving your whole lives but never got up the courage to do it. Now is a perfect time! If you aren’t that adventurous, take a road trip to someplace you both have never been and spend some quality time together to reconnect.

Change Up Your Routine

Change Up Your Routine

Many people thrive on routine and day after day you probably get up, go to work, come home, take care of household duties and before you know it the day is done. You probably didn’t spend enough time with your significant other.

It is important to make sure you go out on dates and spend quality time together, but make sure you switch things up. Try new restaurants, see movies you normally wouldn’t see and spend time together during part of the day you normally wouldn’t see each other.

Plan A Date Night

couple on date

Many people are guilty of not going out on dates with each other, especially if there are young children in the home that are busy with school and activities. It is very important to go out on dates just the two of you. This is an adult time that will spice up your relationship the more you go out. You can read more here.

Drop Hints

Drop Hints

Throughout the day, leave a note or send a text to your significant other and let them know you are thinking about them.

If you feel a little risky, you can make subtle mention of what you might like to happen when you see each other later on in the evening. Drop hints that will generate excitement and spice things up. For more suggestions, you can visit this link.

Invest Time In Each Other

people on date

A little bit of effort goes a long way and can really make a person feel special. It doesn’t take a lot of time to connect so in the evening, sit with one another on the same couch and reconnect after a long day. Spend time participating in the hobbies that you each like to show you have an interest in investing time into your relationship.

It doesn’t really take a lot of effort to spice up your relationship. It is incredibly important though, in order to keep both parties interested and excited about the future together. Things can quickly become routine and mundane but this is easy to fix with a little bit of planning and effort.

Long-term relationships are a result of the sheer dedication of two souls, who defy all odds with their will to stay together. Unfortunately, not everybody gets what they crave for their entire lives – an amazing companion. Things often come to an end, and people are left lamenting for the loss they’ve suffered. If you’re here thinking we will help you forget the person you once loved truly like portrayed in the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind’, you’re wrong. And for obvious reasons, you won’t be able to do that either. You can’t just stop loving a person and be okay with it. That’s not how things work.

In case you’ve been feeling very restless, here are 6 tips to get over a long-term relationship and heal your broken heart:

1. Take Your Time:

unhappy man

Once you’ve broken up, the first thing you need to understand is that the healing process takes time. Give yourself some breathing space. If you feel like your home is no longer where you want to be, pack your bags and set out to travel. Travelling is one of the best things that take your mind off from the situations you don’t want to deal with currently.

2. Move Out:

Once your partner moves out, you won’t feel like living in the same apartment any longer. The décor you picked together as a couple won’t bring any joy to you, rather the memories of the times you shared together as a couple will haunt you as long as you stay there. Moving out will not only take your mind off the situation for a while but also ensure a fresh start for you for the days to come.

3. Cut The Bridges:


If you felt it won’t work out eventually and chose to let go, whether it be for their betterment, you need to cut some mutual people out of your life. This, however, depends on the level of maturity you two had as a couple. If you two were mature enough to understand the aftermaths, this isn’t necessary. In case you feel depressed around the people who act as a bridge between you and your ex, you need to let them go as well.

4. Don’t Resist Too Much:


Resistance is futile. If you can’t control something, don’t bother about it. Getting depressed over things you can’t control will only bring further misery to your already broken heart. If you start forbidding yourself from each and every little joy in life just because you had a breakup, things will only get worse than they already are.

5. Understand The True Meaning Of Moving On:

Moving on from a relationship doesn’t actually mean you need to hate each other in order to speed up the healing process. It rather means that you guys came to an understanding and took a unified decision to ensure each other’s happiness in the long run. Don’t block them on social media and Instagram. It won’t do any good to either of you, trust me.

6. Give Yourself Pocket Promises:

In case you feel that you are really addicted to your partner and need to take control of your life, we have got a solution for you. Take a post-it paper and write yourself a ‘pocket-promise’. A ‘pocket-promise’ is a commitment you promise yourself that you’ll keep, no matter what. Keep it with you at all times and whenever you feel like you’re going weak again, read the piece of paper and gather the strength to go on.

I’d like to establish a few things straight. First, you can never forget a person completely with whom you once imagined spending your life and second, you can’t just torture yourself wanting to get back together neglecting the practical aspects of breaking up. If you feel suffocated all the time, see a therapist instead. Talking with your friends will also help in healing the broken heart. Stay blessed!


Everybody who is essentially working needs to figure out how he/she can save some bit of that money they are making for emergencies or any other reason. Put it this way, hardly will you ever find anyone heading to the beach during the winter season, but plan all kinds of activities for the summer. Something like that, only that this time you’re involving your www.lendgreen.com loan or money into the equation.

This article has some awesome money-saving strategies that you will be aching to try out after you read through this article and end up saving some extra cash all while still living “the life.”

Here are the top six money-saving tips for you to try out this summer.

  1. Turn off your air conditioning

No, you don’t need to have it all off all the time that you have to endure the scorching sun and its sweltering heat. This simply means that you should try and maximize your air conditioning efficiency and also save on costs by leaning the weather. This way you only use your AC if need be and not all the time like most people do.

  1. Cook outside

There is no need of stuffing all your cooking indoors during the hot summer holidays. The hot air simply won’t have anywhere else to go and end up staying with you indoors, leaving you complaining more about the heat. The best option is to go cook outside which leaves the cool indoor air cool. The best part about this is that you can also turn outside cooking into a fun picnic too.

  1. Let your laundry, dry outside

If your rental property owner or homeowner association allows you to hang your laundry outside, then go ahead and do so. Let the sun plus the warm summer breeze do all the drying for you. You will also be amazed at just how fresh your clothes will be after that. And if you can’t hang your clothes outside and have to use the dryer, then you can do so but with a lower heat setting. You can even decide to partially dry some of your clothes and let the air do the rest.

  1. Take advantage of the extended evenings

You can take advantage of these extended evenings to go out and enjoy the evening sunset. Let the evening rays hit your skin and just take in all the beauty that the summer comes with. And you will also be saving on some few extra bucks since you will not be using any of your electronic items. You can also decide to do some exercises at this time as well.

  1. Replace your AC filters

This can sometimes be easy to overlook, but it is necessary that you always have clean filters. Dirty filters can end up increasing your cooling costs even more since they restrict the airflow as well as the efficiency of the AC.

  1. Plan ahead for any future garden and home projects

As the summer period starts to wind down, you can always try some season-ending sales to make a little extra cash. People will start looking at the autumn season and will be spending less time outdoors.

Are you a speed dater? Falling short of getting good matches? There are some awesome tips that you can follow in order to succeed in speed dating.

4 Tips to Impress Your Date with Speed Dating:

1. Your Dress Should Leave Some Good Impression

I agree that not all of us have the looks of Tom Hiddleston (have you seen him in ‘The Night Manager’?) but we should try and be our 100% at whatsoever is in our control. Dressing in our control is this is the first thing any girl will notice in you if she is meeting you for the first time. You should dress to kill. You have to stand out from the guys she has dated in past. No girl will ever fell for you is you don’t dress nicely for the first date.

Something in a semi-formal and semi-casual combo will do the trick. It will make you look sharp and smart – a complete package.

Also, you have to look confident in whatever you are wearing. Even if you choose to wear a t-shirt and jeans (highly non-recommended), make sure that you carry them on with confidence.

2. Reach Early And Give Her A Surprise

If there is one thing that girls like about men, then it would have to be our sense of timing. There’s is a stigma attached to the girls that they are never on time and we are always on time.

However, not going on those lines, it is recommended that you should go early on the date’s place and set her a surprise. Nothing too fancy or embarrassing. Don’t propose her on the first date goddamnit, if you know what I mean.

You can also get a little warm up and shrug off the nervousness before she arrives.

Reaching early to a spot gives you an added advantage to getting comfortable with the environment.

3. Have A Light Conversation

Speed dating is all about fun and experiences. You can talk to each other about the other dates you have been with.

Share a nice laugh with wine and something to eat. Don’t get too much personal on the first date. Don’t try to extract too much information out of her as it might turn her off.

Seriousness in a conversation might also come as desperation which you don’t want anywhere near you.

She can not think that you are desperate because if she somehow concludes this, the date is done.

Smile but not all the time. That’s creepy. Make her comfortable, touch her hands after you have been here for a while.

Make eye contacts and share some fun stories.

4. Don’t Start Taking Notes in The Middle of The Conversation

Agreed, it is difficult to keep tracks of each other’s personalities when you go on a speed dating event.

This is why people take notes so that when the event gets over, they can recall the personalities of different people.

However, some people have this disturbing habit of taking notes in the middle of the conversation.

This turns off most of the girls. They feel like its an interview rather than a date.

You should always make notes after she leaves.

Yes, you might lose some things to add to your notes but it will be worth it.

Once you are done with installing the production units in form of machines, instruments, and manpower, the next phase of any manufacturing business is to keep the operations up and running. However, there are many examples of production companies right from pharmaceuticals to aeronautics which suffered huge losses and had to shut down because the working units failed to pass the test of time.

Such things can be avoided by taking extremely good care of your production related units. Here are 5 tips which will help you in keeping your production units up and running for years:

1. Signs of Wear and Tear Should Be Kept in Check

Image Source: Flickr/ h080

Heavy machinery, such as in steel production units, go through rigorous pressure and heat. After sometimes, the moving parts of the machines start getting stuck if the wear and tear are not kept in check. Periodic accumulation of dust and other impurities act as catalysts in damaging the equipment.

The proper maintenance of heavy moving machines is necessary in order to get the most efficient and accurate results from them.

2. Proper Calibration of Lab Equipment Should Be Done on Regular Basis

Image Source: Flickr/ Naval Surface Warriors

Calibration is one of the most important things in a lab’s work. If your business is lab-related, you should know how important is calibration to your test equipment. In your electricity production lab, calibration of a test ammeter and a wattmeter is of immense importance too. Basically, the calibration services providers use a reference meter which is already calibrated up to the industry standards. This reference meter is then used to calibrate your ammeter and another for a wattmeter.

3. Always Maintain A Clean Environment For Smooth Functions

Image Source: Flickr/ mararie

There should be regular cleaning of machines and instruments taking place. The workplace should not be contaminated by any kind of impurity. In a test production lab, impurities can deviate the results by huge margins. Filters should be regularly cleaned. The air-seals needs to be checked on daily basis.

In case of a medical lab, all the workers should be aware of the contamination-free workplace and they should strictly adhere to the norms.

4. Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Maintenance Schedules – Keep Them Tight

Image Source: Flickr/ U.S. Fifth Fleet

Depending on the types of production units you have, keep a maintenance schedule on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Lubrication of gearboxes should be maintained regularly. Without proper lubrication, friction generates heat and excess of heat then damage the equipment and sensitive parts.

You can give maintenance contracts to the makers of your set of equipment and then retain them on the basis of their performance.

5. Use Technology To Automate The Quick Maintenance

With so many smart machines coming up, automating the small maintenance processes are among a bunch of other things which you can improvise in your production lab. By doing that, you can be tension free of the smaller maintenance processes which were usually overlooked by the manual labor force. These small things have a tendency to increase the lifespan of any given machine.

Follow these 5 tips and you’ll notice the production units getting more efficient than ever.

Gifts remind us of the journey we’ve embarked upon, a journey of eternal love which carries with it a much greater meaning than most of us can think of. Gifts help us celebrate whatever little we want to cherish for the rest of our lives. Here are 8 gifting ideas for you to give them something worth remembering:

1. Holiday Tickets:

holiday ideas

I’m constantly disappointed with the posts that flourish over the web putting this mostly in the last spot. Holiday tickets for abroad are the best gifts one can think of. Although these might burn a hole in your pocket, their smile upon seeing the tickets is going to make it worth every penny. Click here to find out more os such gift ideas for your boyfriend.

2. Mix Tape:

mix tape

Just like their smile is a treat for your eyes, music is the treat for our souls. Making a mixtape of their favorite tracks not only shows that you care but also shows that you’ve put a lot of thought into preparing it for them. A mixtape can be the perfect present for setting a romantic mood while you unveil other surprises and leave them dumbstruck.

3. Food:

romantic dinner

While a romantic dinner can be the ultimate gift for a foodie, there is no denial in the fact that everybody goes weak at their knees upon getting a glimpse of their favorite food. Food can be the ultimate savior in case you’re looking for last-minute additions to your current plans.

4. Innovative Cakes:


Custom cakes can make them go nuts especially if you manage to get your hands on the cake they’ve always wanted since their childhood. Cakes are the ultimate and most anticipated birthday surprise, so don’t miss out on this one!

5. Personalized Cards:

greetings card

There is nothing better than putting some thought and valuable time to make cards for the person you love. While buying cards is always the easy option, it is the time you invest in making the cards that will make them go ‘awww’. The card doesn’t need to be much fancy though, a simple one with a personal message will do wonders for them!

6. Smart Gadgets:

If your partner is a tech enthusiast, you are well aware of his cravings for the latest gadgets. If you know of something they’ve been wishing to own for a long time, go ahead. There can be nothing as special for them than the gadget of their dreams.

7. Game Tickets Or Salon Vouchers:

Guys love to go to sports events. In case you’re planning to give something to your girl, buy her a salon voucher. While guys tend to love the unbelievably loud cheering crowd, girls find themselves craving for a peaceful massage session. In case you both happen to have the same interests, buy a couple of game tickets as well as a couple of salon vouchers altogether!

8. Coffee Mugs, Pillow Covers, Photo Albums:

Coffee Mugs, Pillow Covers, Photo Albums

I’ve put these at the bottom because people have sort of overdone them all these years. But this doesn’t change the fact that going old school can sometimes make things even better than you would have anticipated. You can gift coffee mugs, pillow covers or photo albums with your pictures together which will serve as a constant reminder of the love you share and cherish.

Birthdays can be quite exhausting due to all the planning you need to put in to create that perfect blend of surprises. Now that you know many possibilities, why are you still sitting here? Go go go!

I got married back in April!! I wanted to get a simple gift for Brent’s mom, just to let her know how much I love and appreciate her. I saw this idea all over Pinterest, which I looked at often for wedding ideas. I did find plenty of Etsy sites where you could buy the necklace with the cute saying and everything all done…but that’s not this Young and Crafty Sister’s style.
I did buy the necklace on Etsy (here). It came in a small little box. I had this white box sitting in one of my bathroom drawers.

MOG Gift 1

I took a piece of white scrapbook paper and printed out the words “THANK YOU for raising the man of my dreams” off PicMonkey.com. I cut it down to the size of the box, cutting a small slit on each side to hold the necklace in place.

Finish it off in a cute gift bag with a thoughtful Thank You card and you are good to go!! I gave this to her on the morning of the wedding while we all got pampered with hair and makeup.

MOG Gift

This craft could make a great gift for so many occasions!!

Visiting a dentist for small issues may sound a tedious job but it can actually save you from big dental health problems. Look at which symptoms are warning signs that you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

1. Oral pain

Flickr/ Eric Allix Rogers

Any kind of pain you experience either in the tooth or gums or any part of your mouth, calls for an immediate visit to the dentist.

Many a time people ignore the pain leaving it to get better on its own, either due to busy work schedule, a hectic family life, a demanding social life or to avoid the cost.

But, by doing so, you might be preparing a way for more discomfort and pain and also increase the cost of treatment. If you are undergoing a tooth pain, it may be more serious than you might think. To get to the root cause a visit to the dentist is the must.

2. Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can also be a sign of serious oral health problem. Over-brushing or chemicals can cause tooth sensitivity to heat or cold. Sensitivity can be due to a cracked tooth, a filling that needs repair, a cavity, tooth erosion or even gum diseases.

This calls for a visit to the dentist as he will only be able to assess the correct cause and advice the required treatment to reduce or eliminate sensitivity. It is better to visit the dentist as you discover sensitivity to avoid further complications.

3. Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums during brushing or after can be a sign of serious oral health problem. You might be suffering from gum diseases like gingivitis, that can lead to excessive discomfort, pain or even tooth extraction. This too calls for an immediate visit to a professional dentist.

4. Health Changes

It is very significant to learn that any change in your health can put you at the higher risk of oral problems. If our oral health affects our overall health, then our overall health with any problem too affects the oral health.

For example, if you are diagnosed with diabetes, you become prone to oral health issues. You need to visit the dentist and take a proper oral health plan.

Likewise, a cancer patient can have serious side effects on oral health during the course of cancer treatment. Too much medication for any health problem causes dry mouth leading to tooth decay.

Even a pregnant woman can have oral health issues. In short, if you have any medical health issue or you are on heavy medication, you need to notice the changes or side effects in your oral health. A timely visit to your dentist should be organized.

5. Check-ups for unseen problems

Check-ups for unseen problems

You might be very happy to notice that there are no toothaches, no bleeding gums, your brushing and flossing is regular, no plaque or tartar, no bad breath, so, why need to visit the dentist?

The reality is that there can be unseen or hidden problems with no noticeable symptoms at all. Getting periodic x-rays during your regular visits can help doctor spot the cavities between the teeth that are not visible to the naked eye.

Immediate treatment would generate less loss. Doctors will be able to detect signs of oral grinding or oral cancer too.

Don’t miss out on your visit and stay healthy with dental care under the guidance of a professional dentist.

Locks are an inseparable part of our lives. They give us the much-needed sense of security whether we’re staying at home or away at work. However, despite being the mechanical marvels that they are, they can also malfunction due to inefficient handling or external factors.

While a professional locksmith Toronto can do wonders for you, the experience might not turn out to be so pleased with an unprofessional one.

Here are 5 ways to spot an unprofessional locksmith and ways to tackle them:

1. Late:

This is the biggest sign that the locksmith that has turned up is unprofessional. Professional locksmiths are very conscious of your work schedules and will reach on time to ensure a hassle-free experience for you.

2. Unprofessional Body Language:

If you’re bad at feeling vibes, you can notice his body language as soon as he reaches your house. Unprofessional locksmiths tend to get baffled upon seeing lock mechanisms which are complicated or different than what they are used to work with.

3. Striking The Locks Too Hard:

You’re sipping your coffee waiting for the locks to be fixed and bam! A loud noise drops on your ears from the repairing area. Unprofessional locksmiths tend to be impatient and don’t hesitate in using brute force methods to get the locks out. This, however, puts a significant risk to your doors getting damaged in the process.

4. Constantly On Call:

One of the most overlooked signs of an amateur locksmith is his calling behaviors. Unprofessional locksmiths tend to seek extra help while at work from their acquaintances, which causes a significant slowdown in work.

5. No Proper Tools:

There’s nothing worse than an unprofessional locksmith showing up without the proper tools to do the job. This not only causes a delay but unnecessary frustration on your end as well.

Once you become aware of his unprofessional being, here are some effective ways to tackle the situation:

A. Ask Few Basic Questions Regarding Locks:

If he wouldn’t be comfortable in answering the questions regarding some basic locks, he possibly can be the king of amateur locksmiths. Expecting their work to last longer is foolishness beyond words.

B. Ask Him Previous Work Experience:

His crankiness or unwillingness might signify that he has never had any employers in the past. Having a totally inexperienced locksmith is worse than having an unprofessional one at your doorsteps. This would give him a signal that you’re on to his lies.

C. Ask Him To Call For Help:

In case he has already taken your locks apart, be frank and ask him to call for his professional colleagues. The truth might feel a bit harsh, but there’s nothing much you can do about it.

D. Tell Him You’ve Changed Your Mind:

If none of the above seem to work out for you, ask him to come again tomorrow. Act as if you have something important on hold which requires immediate attention. This might seem a little embarrassing to most people, but temporary embarrassment is far better than an imperfect lock which can’t keep you safe.

A broken lock can be a nuisance especially if you run on a hectic schedule, which is why getting a professional locksmith is a top priority. Why don’t you give professional locksmiths a shot and see your locks getting fixed in a jiffy?

Moving on from a long relationship can be tough and rightly so. When you let go of that one person you thought you could spend your entire life with, an empty space is created in your world.

This empty space grows at a steady pack until and unless you finally move on or get back with your ex.

In this article, we’ll tell you about 5 proven ways by which you can get your Ex back in your life:

1. Give them some time to start missing your absence

Sometimes you don’t know the real value of someone as long as you are with them. Once they’re not there for you, you start missing them and realizing what was worth of. If you are missing your Ex, you just need to calm your nerves down for some time. Give them their space as it’ll take some time for them to realize how much you’ve missed them. Once you both start having the feeling for each other again, you’ll see that destiny will play its part to get you back together.

2. Keep reminding her of that crazy forest trek you went for together

Life is just a set of memories we make along the way. These are the memories which were, are and will always be there, no matter what happens. If you have been in a relationship for long enough, you’ll make such memories together. You just need to trigger those sweet memories you have made together. Now, remember to not to go way overboard and start emotional blackmailing your Ex. That won’t help you.

3. Playing games by making them jealous can only make it worse

If you think that you can get your Ex back by making her jealous of your new friend, you are in for a treat. You can not go any wrong with this one. If you have broken up, clearly the trust issue has had its role. Now if you indulge in such activities, the trust will further go down and there will be no scope for damage control. Never try this. If you guys are meant to be, you don’t need to play such games.

4. Don’t break the contact even after the ‘break-up

Breaking up with somebody is usually seen as shutting them down from your life. This should never be the case if you’d like to bring the person back in your life later. If you totally shut them off, any scope of further engagement goes down the drain. If you have recently broken up, you really need to get out of the depression and think of ways by which you can contact her once again. Ensure that your communications with your Ex don’t die and you still keep telling each other everything like buddies. This way, gradually, the chances of your Ex coming back to you increases.

5. Apologize- even if you did nothing to apologize

A relationship requires years to build but just one fight can end it all. Do you want a fight to be a decisive element in your life? Sometimes, saying sorry for mistakes we never made is the best we can do to save a failing relationship. Nobody gets smaller by apologizing to the ones they want to spend their life with.