While everyone agrees that milk is good for you, some types of milk are more popular than others. A recent study found that 65% of milk consumed worldwide is goat milk. This might come as a surprise to people whose only experience with goat milk is through goat milk formula and eating feta cheese. But the fact is goat milk is more suited to the human body and it has a smaller environmental footprint.

It’s no surprise then that while cow milk has been the go-to milk for centuries, goat milk is becoming more and more popular among consumers. Especially for those who are health conscious and prefer organic and easy-to-digest milk. But why goat milk? Well, the answer is more than just its good taste or the fact that it’s naturally homogenized that makes goat milk the number one choice globally. Drinking goat milk is a healthier choice than consuming cow milk for the following reasons:

1- More Calcium, Less Cholesterol
When it comes to nutrients, goat milk has more calcium and mineral than cow milk. And if you’re looking to get an energy boost from your milk, goat milk has 35% energy-rich chain fatty acids compared to 15% in cow milk. These fatty acids are low in cholesterol and don’t get stored in the body as fat. There’s more. Goat milk and goat milk formula help raise the levels of good cholesterol while keeping the bad cholesterol in check. Moreover, goat milk has the same healing properties as olive oil and can help treat intestinal disorders and coronary diseases.

2- Fewer Allergenic Proteins And Less Inflammation
For people who are lactose intolerant, what gives them trouble is a certain protein called A1 casein which is found in cow milk. This protein which has about 20 allergens is responsible for many allergies among children including abdominal cramping and even causes colic in babies. For adults, A1 casein is highly inflammatory and causes irritable bowel syndrome and colitis. On the other hand, goat milk doesn’t cause these issues because it’s lower in lactose and rich in A2 casein. A2 casein causes none of these inflammatory side effects. This is why goat milk baby formula is much healthier and safer for babies than cow milk.

3- Easy To Digest
Because goat milk has more chain fatty acids and smaller fat globules it is easier to digest goat milk than cow milk. Also, cow milk has 10% curd compared to 2% in goat milk. The curd in the milk is what gives you an upset stomach and causes digestive problems. With less curd, goat milk baby formula is a better option for babies. As for lactose intolerant adults, they’ll find goat milk formula much safer and healthier than cow milk.

4- Makes Skin Look Good
Besides its other benefits, goat milk contains vitamin A which has a great effect on your skin. When you drink goat milk, it moisturizes your complexion giving it this bright and shiny look. This is because the fatty acid in the milk eliminates the dead cells from your skin which makes you look and feel healthy both on the inside and out.

5- Naturally Homogenized
You know how when you leave a glass of cow milk in the fridge it separates into cream at the top and skim milk at the bottom of the glass? That’s because cow milk has agglutinin and big fat globules which break into free radicals when homogenized by the dairy industry. You don’t get this problem with goat milk or goat milk formula because it’s naturally homogenized. Goat milk also has smaller fat globules and contains no agglutinin.