Are you a speed dater? Falling short of getting good matches? There are some awesome tips that you can follow in order to succeed in speed dating.

4 Tips to Impress Your Date with Speed Dating:

1. Your Dress Should Leave Some Good Impression

I agree that not all of us have the looks of Tom Hiddleston (have you seen him in ‘The Night Manager’?) but we should try and be our 100% at whatsoever is in our control. Dressing in our control is this is the first thing any girl will notice in you if she is meeting you for the first time. You should dress to kill. You have to stand out from the guys she has dated in past. No girl will ever fell for you is you don’t dress nicely for the first date.

Something in a semi-formal and semi-casual combo will do the trick. It will make you look sharp and smart – a complete package.

Also, you have to look confident in whatever you are wearing. Even if you choose to wear a t-shirt and jeans (highly non-recommended), make sure that you carry them on with confidence.

2. Reach Early And Give Her A Surprise

If there is one thing that girls like about men, then it would have to be our sense of timing. There’s is a stigma attached to the girls that they are never on time and we are always on time.

However, not going on those lines, it is recommended that you should go early on the date’s place and set her a surprise. Nothing too fancy or embarrassing. Don’t propose her on the first date goddamnit, if you know what I mean.

You can also get a little warm up and shrug off the nervousness before she arrives.

Reaching early to a spot gives you an added advantage to getting comfortable with the environment.

3. Have A Light Conversation

Speed dating is all about fun and experiences. You can talk to each other about the other dates you have been with.

Share a nice laugh with wine and something to eat. Don’t get too much personal on the first date. Don’t try to extract too much information out of her as it might turn her off.

Seriousness in a conversation might also come as desperation which you don’t want anywhere near you.

She can not think that you are desperate because if she somehow concludes this, the date is done.

Smile but not all the time. That’s creepy. Make her comfortable, touch her hands after you have been here for a while.

Make eye contacts and share some fun stories.

4. Don’t Start Taking Notes in The Middle of The Conversation

Agreed, it is difficult to keep tracks of each other’s personalities when you go on a speed dating event.

This is why people take notes so that when the event gets over, they can recall the personalities of different people.

However, some people have this disturbing habit of taking notes in the middle of the conversation.

This turns off most of the girls. They feel like its an interview rather than a date.

You should always make notes after she leaves.

Yes, you might lose some things to add to your notes but it will be worth it.